A Game for Grown-Ups


How Long Before The Difference In Their Ages Blew Their Affair Apart?

From the back:

Ralph Keyes, the new coach of the high-school football team, had wound up a spectacular professional career before returning to his new job in his old home town. But now both Ralph and Marilyn, his still-beautiful wife, secretly wondered how dull this new kind of life would be. They got their answers fast enough, and on their own. The coach found nothing boring about the school ‘s eye-filling, fun-loving twin cheerleaders who couldn’t wait to share experiences with a real pro like Ralph. And Marilyn Keyes quickly found the team’s young star player an exciting consolation for her husband’s growing neglect. Neither Marilyn nor Ralph took heed of possible catastrophic effects of their activities until their private lives nearly exploded into public scandal and they suddenly had to face the fact that their game was strictly for adults, no matter how skilled their younger partners might be. 
A bold novel of irresponsible adults and their devastating effects on today’s liberated youth.