Male Annual 1971

Male Annual 1971

Featuring Satan’s Cycle Angels, Coyotes Are Breaking Into Our Home!, Swamp Nymph, Spy Drop In The Nazi’s Top Secret Joy House, and Are UFO Attacks Behind Air Crashes… Power Failures… Earthquakes…


The Mystery of the Bouncing Bullets

Male June 1953

Also featuring The Sheriff and Waco’s “Motel Girls”


General Patton’s Terrible Blunder

Male December 1959

Also, The Fabulous Renegade And His Island Nymph


The Hell-Raising Yank and His Remarkable Flying Sub

25232365-The_Hell-Raising_Yank_and_His_Remarkable_Flying_Sub,_Male_cover_illustration thumbnail
Male October 1962 thumbnail
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Male October 1962

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No-Limit Girls of Lake Country

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Male Magazine December 1955 thumbnail
Male December 1955 thumbnail
Male Magazine December 1955
Male December 1955

Also, I Saw Them Eat Muňoz and I Spoored The Temple Tiger

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Yank Imposter In The Luftwaffe

Male February 1966 thumbnail
Male September 1970 thumbnail
Male February 1966
Male September 1970

Art was reused for the 1970 Annual issue