Tomorrow We’ll Dance In The White Man’s Blood!

All Man October 1959


The Spitfires (Original Title: Whirlwind in Petticoats)

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The Story of Two Sisters Who Believed in “Free Love”

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Sex Slave to the Jungle Japs

Battle Cry January 1960 thumbnail
Battle Cry Magazine January 1960 thumbnail
Battle Cry January 1960
Battle Cry Magazine January 1960

While this cover is indeed racist, I don’t think those are the Japs I was promised.

Also featuring Listen While You Love, Tigers Spell Death, and Pearl Heart: Wildest Woman Of The West

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Quemoy’s Pirate Queen

Man to Man August 1959

Also, Inside Batista’s Torture Chambers and Never Force a Blonde


The Day They Butchered Bhopat!


Also featuring Paradise For White Hunters: Annie MacRae’s All-Girl Safari and Are You A Victim Of The Secret Sin?


The Lady And The Gorilla

Rage April 1957 thumbnail
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Rage April 1957

Also featuring How Girl Gangs Fight And Love, I Was Flogged By Red Sadists, and Nakedness — The Greatest Sex Fear, which sounds like an exposé on never-nudes. This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Red Hot Kitten And The Ice Cool Cat

Man's Adventure November 1959

Also featuring The Box-Car Bawds Of Buffalo Bend


The Only War Our Army Ever Lost

The Only War, Fury magazine cover, August 1955 thumbnail
Fury August 1955 thumbnail
The Only War, Fury magazine cover, August 1955
Fury August 1955

The War of the Sea!


I Captured The First Okapi

Cheetah Battle, Animal Life magazine, May 1954 thumbnail
Animal Life May 1954 thumbnail
Cheetah Battle, Animal Life magazine, May 1954
Animal Life May 1954

Interestingly, the first pictures of the Okapi in the wild weren’t captured until 2008.