I Married A Nymphomaniac: The Sands Of Doom

Man's Adventure November 1957

Also, Kill Me A Bride, Queen Of The Hot Frontier, and The Foods You Eat Are Shortening Your Life


Henry Yager And His Golden Girl Guerillas

Real Men March 1960

Also featuring You’ll Never Leave Russia Alive!, The Passionate Prophet Of Oneida, and The Treasure Of Abu The Mad!


The Day The Bawds Went Crazy For Blood!

All Man Magazine January 1960

Also featuring The Man Who Invented Pain, Savage Demons and the Killer Cat, and Skin, Sin, and Swindle — The Inside Facts About Nudism!


Is One Man Enough For Any Woman?

Battle Cry June 1968

Also, Sex City — Every Man’s Paradise — Miami Beach!, I Was The Guide For A White Slave Safari!, and The Prostitute Who Dealt In Sin Drugs And Murder!


The Gringo Bandit


Cold Steel Against Hot Lead – Would He Live To Return To Pancho Villa?


The Year They Outlawed Love

Champion For Men Magazine 1959 October

Also, Slave King Of Africa and Bat Women Of Budapest!


Tomorrow We’ll Dance In The White Man’s Blood!

All Man October 1959


The Night The “Virgin Queen” Was Wrecked

All Man July 1959

Also featuring Vengeance Of The Bush Devil and Love Potion At Your Corner Bar!


The Spitfires (Original Title: Whirlwind in Petticoats)

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The Story of Two Sisters Who Believed in “Free Love”

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Sex Slave to the Jungle Japs

Battle Cry January 1960 thumbnail
Battle Cry Magazine January 1960 thumbnail
Battle Cry January 1960
Battle Cry Magazine January 1960

While this cover is indeed racist, I don’t think those are the Japs I was promised.

Also featuring Listen While You Love, Tigers Spell Death, and Pearl Heart: Wildest Woman Of The West

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