Seduced By A Fire Goddess

True Adventures December 1965

Also featuring Mexico’s Siesta-Time Senoritas, Day In A Nudist Camp, Caged Girls of Bombay, and Turkish Delights in Bikinis


The Strange Orgy Of Gunrunner Slade

Wildcat Adventures August 1961

Also featuring Torrid Temptress Of Tampico, The Nude Ghoul Of The London Blitz, and Is Alcohol A Love Stimulant?


Trapped By The Bone Crushing Red Giant

Peril August 1958

Also, Why Men Cheat On Their Wives, Times Square: Sin City, Hottest Peelers’ Around The World, and I Blew Myself Up


Malibu: Vice Capital Of The West

Big Adventure June 1961


The Willing Women of Samoa

Man's Daring September 1961 thumbnail
Man's Daring September 1961 thumbnail
Man's Daring September 1961
Man's Daring September 1961

Also, Sweden’s Love Morals Exposed!, The Call Boy Scandal, and The Nude Floradoras

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The Night The Girls Ran Wild

Wildcat Adventures Magazine October 1962 thumbnail
WILDCAT ADVENTURES October 1962 thumbnail
October 1962 Wildcat Adventures thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures Magazine October 1962
October 1962 Wildcat Adventures

Also featuring They Took My Manhood!, The Bloody Revenge Of Hitler’s Nude S.S. Nurses, and “Slugger” Hellenhart’s Strip Tease Command Raid

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The Kill-Crazed Lover On The Big Top High Wire

Man's Exploits December 1963

Also, We Fought Those Monster Crocodile!, I Escaped Haiti’s Black Magic Blood Bath, The Queen Of Macao’s Bizarre Brothels, and Sex-Hungry Women Have Made Me Rich!


Plane Crash In Alaska

True Adventures August 1965 thumbnail
10845672136_2b5bc75eac_o thumbnail
True Adventures August 1965

Also featuring Secrets Of Levant — France’s Sexiest Island, Wildest Bar In The World, Beautiful Girls Of Baja, and Confessions Of A Harem Eunuch

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The “Madder-Than-Hell” American Who Led The Escape From The Bloodlust Orgy At Kwamina

MANS LIFE September 1962 6-5 thumbnail
Man's Life September 1962 thumbnail
MANS LIFE September 1962 6-5
Man's Life September 1962


Seduced By A Desert Temptress

True Adventures June 1965

Also featuring Meet London’s Girls-For-Free, New Red Menace: Milka The Vampire, Bikinis On Skis, and Italy’s Sex PX


Cockeyed Men Make Good Lovers

Peril (Nov., 1959). Cover Art by Basil Gogos

Also, Prostitution Inc. Employs 30,000 Harlots, Mad Sadist Of Dunstable, 4 Had To Die, Living Hell At Camp No. 3, and The Race For The Iron Curtain