Ike O’Hara’s Isle Of Comfort Girls

Sir February 1960

Also featuring And Lady Peg Gave The Mau Mau Oath, Sex Store In Japan, The Beatnik Plot Against Teenagers, and Will Congress Kayo Boxing?


We Found A Hidden Village Of Wild Inca Women!

Action For Men January 1960


Lt. Dawson And A Seven-Girl Platoon Reporting, Sir!

For Men Only January 1960

One Week After Crashing In The Desert, He Was Running The Weirdest Spy Post Of World War II


A Man, A Maid, and Saturn’s Temptation

Avon Fantasy Reader Issue #15 1951 thumbnail
19268675-15_avonfantasyreader_1951 thumbnail
Avon Fantasy Reader Issue #15 1951

I, for one, do not find that tempting in the least. This complete issue can be downloaded here.

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Seaman Luola’s Five Years On The Harem Island of Polynesia

Action For Men June 1959

The strange adventures of a sailor who missed World War Two


The Yankee Gunslinger Who Rustled A Harem

For Men Only July 1957

Also, Legion Of Lust and The Secret Behind Saipan’s Blood Bath


Trapped Underground — 2 GIs POW And 14 Combat Geishas

Action For Men June 1962

Also, Call Girl Kingdom Of Lucky Luciano and The Masquerading Sergeant Who Hijacked Hitler’s $15,000,000 Hidden Treasure


No White Man Leaves Headhunter Village — Alive

Sportsman November 1964

Also, “Tex” Wells’ New Guinea Love Captive Ordeal, The Crazy Chase Of Bwana Tumbu, and “My God, The Sharks Got The Women!” 


I Lived With The Butcher Brides Of Shrunken Head Village

Sportsman November 1962

Cover reused from Frank Novak’s Jivaro Harem


My Two Years With The Slave Women Of New Guinea

August 1958 For Men Only