Handmaidens Of Horror Of The Nazi Head-Hunters

Man's Story February 1964

Also, I Was The Mob’s White Slave Keeper, Murder Thumbs A Ride, and Million Dollar Orgies


Caged Beauties Of The Monster’s Torture Farm

Man's Story April 1964

Also featuring The Sin Revolt Of American Coeds, I Invaded Castro’s Secret Sex Casino, Beware The Phantom Lover Who’s Stealing Your Wife, and See The Maquis Maiden Die Horribly Amerikaner!


The Golden Nudes Of The Mad Nazi Sculptor

Man's Story November 1963


Ride The Nazis’ Swing Of Agony, My Little One!

Man's Story November 1964

Somehow, this is not the first cover we have posted featuring The Nazi’s Swing of Agony

Also Are You Man Enough For Your Wife, Beware The Sex Lures Of CoEd Nymphs, and Invitation To Hell — I Joined A Cellar Sin Club


Raw Meat For The Jaws Of Hell

Man's Story April 1962

Also featuring Passion Slave Of The Whip Goddess, Truth About Abnormal Love Impulses, Deliver Your Virgins or We Burn The Town, and Damned Beauties of The Nazi Horror Museum


The Stripped Virgin and Satan’s Disciples

MAN’S STORY, October 1971 thumbnail
Man's Story Magazine October 1971 thumbnail
MAN’S STORY, October 1971
Man's Story Magazine October 1971

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Blast Into Hell To Get Hitler’s Knife-Wielding Sadist



Helpless Maidens Of The Nazi’s Timeless Castle Of Madness And Torture

Man's Story June 1967

It must have been timeless because they were still torturing helpless maidens well into the 1960’s. Also featuring Hideous Rites Of The Virgin Haters, How To Master Today’s Sex Obsessed Woman, My Wild Escape From The Mafia’s Orgy Island Paradise and Behind The Scenes With A Sexploitation Cameraman


Watch Her Die Slowly, Gringo Dog!

Man's Story Magazine January 1960 thumbnail
Man's Story September 1960 thumbnail
Man's Story Magazine January 1960
Man's Story September 1960

Not at all related to Watch Her Die Screaming, Gringo Dog!

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Bring Back The Blonde Of The Bamboo Hell

Man's Story December 1965


You Can’t Split From Hell, Chick!

Man's Story February 1971

Also featuring The Sex Science Revolution — What It Means To You, My Wild Escape From The Sultan’s Harem Of Hate, The First Step To Doom — The Case Against Pot, and Street Corner Sex Savagery — Our Growing Menace


Grisly Rites of Hitler’s Monster Flesh Stripper

3909905492_16bd55937a_o thumbnail
Man's Story, March 1965 thumbnail
Man's Story, March 1965

Take “Monster Flesh Stripper” as you will, but they are apparently unrelated to the Strange Rites Of Hitler’s Mad Flesh Stripper

Also look for Can You Survive America’s Sex War? and A Honeymoon in Hell for Satan’s Brides

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Bring Out The Hostages Of Hitler’s Passion Cave

Man's Story August 1966

Also featuring Revealed: Teenage Beatniks, How They Got That Way, I Cater To Lust-Wild Vacationers, and I Fought Hong Kong’s Silken Sin Doll Of Death


I Fought Hitler’s Maquis-Torturing Kommandos

Man's Story December 1972