Murder Of A Nymph

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Pocket Books #829, 1951

She would never steal another woman’s man again!

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The Cannibal Crocodile They Couldn’t Kill



Sabotage (1952)

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Vicious Killers and Wanton Women

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Wife vs. Secretary

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52317864821-Dell Books, 1951

Were the whispers about her husband true?
Two women, both young and beautiful — and both in love with the same man

Coming soon, from SyFy!

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Death Walks In Marble Halls

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DELL Ten Cent Book #19 1951

Could they have been the footsteps of the killer?

From the back:

DEATH WALKS IN MARBLE HALLS as mysterious people hurry through the aisles bent on escape. A blonde rushes out shortly before a wounded man falls from a balcony, and she is murdered soon after; a scrap of paper is found bearing writing that resembles Sanskrit; a member of the staff finds the clue that results in the capture of the killer after a cat-and-mouse chase through the library.