Wild Fruit

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She Was Ripe For The Picking
Nora Was Fresh Off The Farm. Young — Beautiful — Passionate — And So Impatient!

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Her Mother’s Lover


To her mother’s ex-boy friend, this teenager was a woman!
Even when she was still a kid, men tried to make love to Liz. She learned too much about sex too soon, including how to use her beautiful body to get what wanted!


Some Die Running


His gun was his guide in Vienna — city of sudden death

Vienna: The Imperial City, City of Music, City of Dreams, City of Sudden Death


Never Cheat Alone

1960 Beacon B328 thumbnail
Beacon B338, 1960 thumbnail
1960 Beacon B328
Beacon B338, 1960

When Husbands Stay Late In The City, What Do Their Wives Do?

A Bitter Novel Of Extra-Marital Overtime By Suburban Wives

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The Country Club Set

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Beacon Books B560F, 1962 thumbnail
Beacon Books B560F, 1962

When Married Life Started To Bore Her — Virginia Turned To A Teenager For New Kicks

Taken From Today’s Headlines… A Novel That Rips The Veil From The High-Living Suburban Set — And Its Pampered Women!


Renegade Cop (Original Title: Alley Girl)


A cover of the original title is here.