Cellar Club Girl

Croydon Original Novel Digest #40 1953

A Story Of Neglected Youth Driven to Cellar Clubs and Dope

Later retitled Tenement Girl


The Capture Of Chicago’s Queen Of Dope

True Detective Mysteries, June 1926

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Rapture Alley

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The Shocking Story Of A Girl Who Took The Road To Dope Addiction
The Candid Story Of A Girl Who Lived Recklessly On Forbidden Thrills

From the back:

Rapture For A Moment, Hell For A Lifetime . . .
Dope is no road to ecstasy, no matter what they say. It’s for defeated people . . . like Lora. Bitter, lonely people . . . like Lora. People who are tortured by forbidden love, who are in other people’s lives, who are at the end of their string, morally and emotionally . . . like Lora.
So Lora Took The Turn Into Rapture Alley . . . And Found It’s A Dead-End Street!
Swept along by a tide she could not buck, a fever of love she could not down, Lora was almost lost forever in the whirlpools of dope and degradation . . . until one little twist of fate showed her what she was in for. . . and why it was worthwhile to fight her way back.

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Blood On The Barbary Coast

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Star Detective Magazine May 1935
Star Detective 1935 May

First issue

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The Murder Prophet (1947)

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Black Book Detective v22 n03 June 1947

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The Drug

Softcover Library B986X 1966

It Was Supposed To Soothe And Tranquilize. But Its Side Effect Was Aphrodisia!


Quartet in H (Original Title: Second Ending)

Cardinal Books C-236 1956

Young musicians and their girls — talented, insecure, desperately seeking love. Here is their explosive story told with power and compassion


A Taste of H

Private Edition 384 1966 thumbnail
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Private Edition 384 1966
Private Edition 384 1966 Back

A Brutal, Hard-Hitting Expose Of Men And Women Obsessed By Thrill Drugs And Uncontrollable Passions!