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The Movie Star And The Movie Critic — How Far Would They Go To Keep Their Secrets Buried?

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Two Reel Gay Girls

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Brandon House 738, 1965
Les Parisiennes LP-121, 1984

The movies that they made were for adults only, but at night they filmed the secrets of their forbidden desires in a love made for women only.

Cover flipped and reused for French Family Love

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The Horror In The Studio

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A gripping story of the film industry
What Weird Terror Lurks Behind The Scenes In Hollywood?

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Yellow Peril In Hollywood

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Saucy Movie Tales - June '36 thumbnail
Saucy Movie Tales - June 1936
Saucy Movie Tales - June '36

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Sins Of An Aspiring Actress (Original Title: Spotlight On Sin)

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The revealing story of a woman without morals

Also released as Spotlight On Sin

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