Divorce Bait (1965)

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Brandon House 952 1965

The dissipated Hollywood star used sex blackmail to win his top roles

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Goering — King Of Evil

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War Criminals October 1963
War Criminals January 1966

The only surviving member of his personal torture staff reports

Also, The Dirty Dame Of Dachau, The Blood-Stained Stones Of Paris, Diary Of A Nazi Pilot, and Jungle Lord Of Torture

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The Velvet Knife


The world of the flesh merchants — and a starlet who’d do anything if the part was right


Blondie’s Screen Test

Saucy Movie Tales - December 1935

Those are some seriously lecherous looking casting guys back there.

Also includes Fingers of Doom


The Sex Peddler

The Sex Peddler

He was always chasing the rainbow… usually a fast buck or a fast broad.


The Fire That Burns

1959 Berkley G-220

Girls Who Pose For Anything

From the back:

The Female Form Divine was Pat Mulroney’s specialty. He was one of the best glamor photographers in the business. Then he met the depraved and voluptuous Nell, who took her pleasures in many strange ways. She introduced him to such people as

TONY, the fantastically stacked stripper who really didn’t like boys…

MATTA, the beautiful shy girl who lost her shyness in front of Pat’s camera…

JANEY, Nell’s lovely daughter, and her mother’s closest rival for Pat’s love…