Eagle and the Wind

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1954, Popular Library Eagle Books #EB 26 thumbnail
35713346484-herbert-e-stover-the-eagle-and-the-wind-1959-popular-giant-g349-cover-art-by-rafael-desoto thumbnail
1954, Popular Library Eagle Books #EB 26 Back thumbnail
1954, Popular Library Eagle Books #EB 26
1954, Popular Library Eagle Books #EB 26 Back

The Lusty Saga Of A Wilderness Rogue

From the back:

This is a lusty novel of the Revolutionary days, when white women were sold to the highest bidder, and a fugitive bondsman would do anything to escape his master…or satisfy his mistress!

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The Big Bedroom

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Pyramid Books #G457, 1959 thumbnail
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959 Back thumbnail
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959
Pyramid Books #G457, 1959 Back

A frank novel of broken vows and secret sins in a New York suburb that everybody knows

I don’t know what kind of foolish art director decided to crop out the peeping tom from this cover, but at least he used it on the back cover.

She brought her best friend’s husband to the motel to prove to him that his wife and her husband were having an affair. But while they waited for their respective spouses to check into the hot-pillow hideaway, she decided that they too could play at infidelity!
This is a frank and revealing novel of manners and morals in the suburbs. With candor and brutal honesty, it lays bare the wild joys and heartaches, the fear and insecurity that drive suburban couples into adultery and deceit.


Loves of a Girl Wrestler

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Beacon B357 1960 thumbnail
Beacon B357 1960

A Terror in the Ring…A Tigress in the Boudoir!

Mauled… Manhandled… Exhibited Before Lusting Eyes… This Lovely Creature Fought Depravity and Disgrace At The Hands Of Bone-Crushing Men and Passionate Amazons

Can a professional fighting-girl experience genuine tenderness, love? Or does she become brutalized, morally impoverished, sapped of all womanly decency by the sordid exhibitions in which she takes part?

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Love Hungry Women

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Beacon B540F 1962 thumbnail
Beacon B540F 1962

Novak could always find them…

He wanted money — but he wanted women even more. There was Denise, there was Ginny, there was Valerie; but there was also the boss’s provocative wife — and she controlled the bank account!

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Beacon B822X 1961 thumbnail
Beacon B822X 1961

If You Dare — Share The Excitement Of These Couples Trapped In A Cozy Motel — Isolated By Storm, By Seduction, And By Their Own Utter Lack Of Morality!

From the back:

It was one of those motels so common along the turnpike, but it had its special features. Pretty Vinnie, for instance, who attracted men like Joe Stacy more than their wives did. Naturally he stopped by often. So did couples like Jane and Bruce, both married — but not to each other. On the night the blizzard burst over the highway, all were marooned — and the isolation killed inhibition. A pair of travelers, Virginia and Sally, found themselves sharing a single bed. Lydia Lane was ready to spend the night with anyone. Even Barbara, Joe’s beautiful wife, showed up — with another man.

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Passion’s Captive

Passion's Captive paperback cover, 1966 thumbnail
Leisure Book #1128 1966 thumbnail
Passion's Captive paperback cover, 1966
Leisure Book #1128 1966

Manacles Held His Hands — But Not His Body!

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Tramp Steamer

Tramp Steamer by John Dexter, Greenleaf, 1965 thumbnail
Leisure Book #1115 1965 thumbnail
Tramp Steamer by John Dexter, Greenleaf, 1965
Leisure Book #1115 1965

Wanton Guests On A Sin Cruise Of Shame!

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We Saved The Blonde Beauties From The Piranha Horror…

Man's Exploits magazine cover, June 1963 thumbnail
Man's Exploits June 1963 thumbnail
Man's Exploits magazine cover, June 1963
Man's Exploits June 1963

…but we let that red-head get eaten, because fuck those gingers, am I right?

Also featuring The King Who Takes A New Bride Every Night, and The Savages Made Me Eat My Wife

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One Against A Holster Horde

Western Trails pulp cover, March 1943 thumbnail
Western Trails March 1943 thumbnail
Western Trails pulp cover, March 1943
Western Trails March 1943

Also, The Shooting of Hangin’ Dan


Yank Adventurer Who Grabbed Hitler’s Incredible U-Boat Treasure

Hilter's U-Boat Treasure, Male Magazine interior illustration, April 1972 thumbnail
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Hilter's U-Boat Treasure, Male Magazine interior illustration, April 1972

1972’s Bloodiest Search For Sunken Riches

The prize was a million dollars in mercury. But he was surrounded by enemies — the sea, the sharks, hijackers, and then the most unexpected enemy of all…

By the 70’s, these men’s magazine covers had devolved to stereotypical (i.e. boring) girly-photos, but the interior illustrations were often still awesome.

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