At Ruby’s Place / Waterfront Club

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1952 Cameo 326
Venus Books #193 1956

A brutal yet tender story of shrimp-boat fishermen, their pleasures and their shoreside women.
The Story of a Society Girl’s Forbidden Love

From the back:

She was bait in Ruby’s Place
The dance floor at Ruby’s Place was the size of a postage stamp. Leona pressed into the milling mob with all her guards down—her passion showing… She was the pampered darling of the upper crust, but she had a big yen for the baser things in life… The men fresh off the shrimp boats were her meat… She loved the way they came out of the sea demanding the satisfaction of all their hungers —for food, for liquor, for women. Maybe she didn’t belong there, but she was powerless to fight the pull Ruby’s Place had on her—and carried away with desire for the only man who ever turned her down. She’d win him, even if she had to sink to his level to get him!

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She-Devil (Original Title: The Iron Widow)

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Pyramid #G301, 1957

Half-Wanton, Half-Witch, She Ruled A French Prison!

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Headline Crimes of the Year

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The Inside Story of America’s Most Shocking Crimes

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Crooked House (1950)


Who filled the hypo with Poison?


The Case Of The Crooked Candle

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