Nurse Carolyn (1960)

Midwood F292 1960

She was just what the doctor ordered, but more than the patient could take.

This is the second edition. First edition is here.


Nurse Carolyn

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MATERNITY WARD by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967 thumbnail
MATERNITY WARD by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967

She Was Not Only Good For Her Patients… She Was Good To Them

An Intimate Peek Into The Extra-Curricular Duties Of a Very Private Nurse!

Cover art was reused for Maternity Ward by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967

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The Sex Game

Midwood F192 1962

It wasn’t the score, but how long they could last that counted — it became a marathon

Cover later reused for Grand Slam Girl


The Unfortunate Flesh

Midwood #63 1960

She Couldn’t Love Men — So She Turned To Woman
A Touching Story Of The Third Sex And Forbidden Love That Dares Not Tell Its Name


Her First Time

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Midwood 34-940 1968 thumbnail
Midwood 34-940 1968

All it took was that first experience to let loose a wild craving for men that threatened to ruin her life.

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The Body Beautiful (1966)

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Midwood 32-589 1966 thumbnail
Midwood 32-589 1966

One by one they came to worship at the altar of her golden body… and one by one they were destroyed by it!

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To Sex, With Love

Midwood 34-980 1968

In her desperate quest to be a woman, Susan tried lover after lover….


By Her Body Betrayed

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Midwood F244 1963

The first time was with a man who induced her to model in the nude.

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Switch Set / Delicate Tramp

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Midwood 34-841 1967 thumbnail
Midwood 34-841 1967

Married women on the prowl for excitement and adventure

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Birth Of A Tramp


She learned about sex the hard way — a peculiar way

From the back:

Julie wanted everything that glittered. She wanted to be able to walk into the best stores and say, “Charge it.” This is the story of how Julie went about getting her charge. It took more than one man and she got into some peculiar positions, but she got what she wanted—and then some.
She was a born actress, but the greatest scene sloe played was across a man’s lap.


Wayward Widow

Midwood F226, 1962

A shocking story about a young widow and what she did to fill her emptiness

From the back:

Every day we see these attractive young women—one of them might be sitting on a bar stool in St. Louis, another walking into a theatre in Chicago, another strolling through Central Park in New York, and perhaps another boarding a cable car in San Francisco. Each is alone, each has one thing in common with the others—all are young widows, an intriguing breed of American womanhood

What do they do—these women who suddenly find themselves deprived of sexual fulfillment after a need for it has been kindled within them? Some remarry, some lose themselves in a career, some fill their needs with other women’s husbands. Author Loren Beauchamp tells the story of Mrs. Kay Brighton, a widow at twenty-two. Kay chose the downward path, going from one immoral act to another until she hit bottom—a broken woman at twenty-three.


Private Screening

Bee Line 1967 thumbnail
Bee Line 1967 Back thumbnail
Bee Line 1967
Bee Line 1967 Back

She was the bait for a studio tycoon’s twisted wife… but she didn’t care… she thought it was wonderful to be paid for that!

Cover reused from Party Time

From the back:

Her name was Carole and she was beautiful and passionate, but anyone… man or woman… could have her for the right price! She had made up her mind to succeed in the tawdry jungle of show business and she didn’t care what she had to do to do it! And she was only one of the tramp starlets who infest Hollywood, struggling to make good, willing to pay their way with the only currency they own: their own fresh bodies! Even when the buyers were more often women than men…