Wayward Widow

Midwood F226, 1962

A shocking story about a young widow and what she did to fill her emptiness

From the back:

Every day we see these attractive young women—one of them might be sitting on a bar stool in St. Louis, another walking into a theatre in Chicago, another strolling through Central Park in New York, and perhaps another boarding a cable car in San Francisco. Each is alone, each has one thing in common with the others—all are young widows, an intriguing breed of American womanhood

What do they do—these women who suddenly find themselves deprived of sexual fulfillment after a need for it has been kindled within them? Some remarry, some lose themselves in a career, some fill their needs with other women’s husbands. Author Loren Beauchamp tells the story of Mrs. Kay Brighton, a widow at twenty-two. Kay chose the downward path, going from one immoral act to another until she hit bottom—a broken woman at twenty-three.


Private Screening

Bee Line 1967 thumbnail
Bee Line 1967 Back thumbnail
Bee Line 1967
Bee Line 1967 Back

She was the bait for a studio tycoon’s twisted wife… but she didn’t care… she thought it was wonderful to be paid for that!

Cover reused from Party Time

From the back:

Her name was Carole and she was beautiful and passionate, but anyone… man or woman… could have her for the right price! She had made up her mind to succeed in the tawdry jungle of show business and she didn’t care what she had to do to do it! And she was only one of the tramp starlets who infest Hollywood, struggling to make good, willing to pay their way with the only currency they own: their own fresh bodies! Even when the buyers were more often women than men…


Kid Sister

Midwood 32-506

She wondered what her brother would do when he realized he was sharing his new bride with his own… Kid Sister

This cover has been my own personal white whale. I have been looking for a decent scan since 2010.


The Mark Of A Man


Each staked her claim… Each took her turn… Each left her mark…


Gay Interlude / The Sexecutives

LPF-Gay Interlude-Front thumbnail
1961 Midwood No. F-95 thumbnail
Private Edition PE 457 1968 thumbnail
LPF-Gay Interlude-Front
1961 Midwood No. F-95
Private Edition PE 457 1968

The Nether World Of Women Without Men

The frank and revealing story of a girl with a woman’s body and a man’s desires… a girl forced beyond the pale of public acceptance.

Amazingly, I don’t think The Sexecutives is related to this book of the same name

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Party Time (1968)

Midwood 34-996 1968

Beautiful and bored with men, Royce threw a special kind of party for seven very special friends

I don’t like this one as much as Rader’s other cover for the same book


Only In Secret

Midwood F376 1964

She wondered how she could keep the sordid truth of her tainted past from her husband

From the back:

Face The Facts, Honey…
You wanted to conform. You wanted the normal, happy life that society dictates. You wanted to be a slave to a husband and a kitchen and a bank mortgage. You wanted to submit to routine sex that consists of calloused hands and vulgar grunts and crude maulings and selfish pleasures. You wanted it because everyone told you that was what you were supposed to want. Well, that might be all right for some people but not for you and not for me. We know there’s something a helluva lot better, a helluva lot more satisfying and the sooner you admit it to yourself, the better off you’ll be! We’re two of a kind and deep down in your heart, you know it.


Odd Couple / Teen Butch

Midwood 35-176 1968 thumbnail
Midwood_35-176 thumbnail
Midwood 35-176 1968

Odd Couple
To the other passengers on the cruise ship, they were just two attractive young women on holiday. But in the privacy of their cabin, Monica and Jo did things that no normal girls would dream of doing… things that only girls like themselves could enjoy.

Teen Butch
A pretty young teenager like Millie usually has a dozen boys chasing after her, but Millie was different. She was more interested in older women and she was the one doing the chasing!


Just The Two of Us

Midwood F323 1963

Determined to make their love endure, they turned their backs on the world

From the back:

CONNIE … the sleek and sensuous redhead, cynical and shockproof, a specialist in catering to the coarse demands of jaded men as well as the secret needs of lonely young women.
JOANNE … the angel-faced blonde, fragile and appealing, nurturing a neurotic jealousy that demanded a vicious and savage revenge.
SUSAN …. a small-town brunette with big-city dreams, breathlessly eager and pain-fully naive, too young and innocent to cope with the evil forces that lurked behind the glittering tinsel of the neon jungle.


The Easy Way

25754173-The_Easy_Way,_paperback_cover,_1964 thumbnail
Midwood 32-421 1964 thumbnail
Midwood 32-421 1964

Maybe it was time to play follow the leader and date one of her roommate’s strange, but obviously generous female friends?

From the back:

No Men Allowed
It was a private club with a very select clientele. The membership consisted of wealthy society matrons and the staff, beautiful young girls with highly specialized skills and a taste for luxury.
RHODA… the madam, who started out as the master but ended up a helpless love-slave.
DORIAN… who wanted to be boss and who clinched the deal in a bubble-bath.
OPAL… the eager and avid matron with a penchant for mirrors and hot-eyed brunettes.
UNDINE… the performer, who didn’t mind what she did as long as she had an audience… 
MELANIE… the student, who experimented too often and found she couldn’t break the habit…
A Startling Exposé Of Girls Who Cater To The Specialized Needs Of Older Women On A Cash-and-Carry Basis.

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21 Gay Street (1967)

Midwood 33-854 1967

Joyce went to New York to find excitement and love. In each case she found more than enough


That Other Hunger

Midwood F119 1961

They Turned The City Into An Isle Of Lesbos
Two Beautiful Girls… One Definite In Her Acceptance Of An Unnatural Love… The Other Wandering Aimlessly In The Exotic World Of The Prurient And Proud

From the back:

She Could Never Admit To Herself That She Had Anything In Common With Fran . . . So She Rushed Into Craig’s Arms And The Love He Offered . . . It Was At The Plush, Exotic Party That She Learned What She Was . . .
The room was a lush, vibrant pink Mirrors covered the walls and ceiling. It was furnished in gilt and lush velvet and in the center was a deep, sunken bath. Lisa was stunned by the opulence. She followed the lovely French maid to the dressing table and allowed the girl to undress her, then she went and walked into the tub. She reached for the large sponge floating near the gold faucets. “Let me help you, mam’selle.” Lisa did not protest. Renee soaped her body and be-gan to caress her with the soft sponge. Delicately, expertly, the tapered fingers slithered over her flesh. Lisa leaned back against the wall of the tub and closed her eyes. “Does this make mam’selle happy?” Lisa moaned. She reeled in a pink world. Fran was forgotten. Craig was forgotten. She felt only the deft, smooth hands and her own ecstasy.