Hot-Corner Guardian

Ace Sports September 1936

I know Hot-Corner Guardian is a baseball novel, but Mercury Of The Mile is about track and Torpedo Men is about speedboat racing, so I went with it for this tennis cover.


Eyes Behind The Door

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DETECTIVE TALES. December 1947 thumbnail
DETECTIVE TALES. December 1947

Also featuring Fry Away, Kentucky Babe!

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3 Years With The She-Devils Of The Sulu Sea

Man's Conquest magazine cover, March 1959 thumbnail
Man's Conquest March 1959 thumbnail
Man's Conquest magazine cover, March 1959
Man's Conquest March 1959

The Amazing Saga of Charlie Hathaway’s Battalion Of Women Warriors


Earth’s Last Citadel (1943)

Argosy April 1943 thumbnail
Argosy April 1943 thumbnail
Argosy April 1943
Argosy April 1943

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Carnival Girl (1956)

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She Was All He Wanted

From the back:

Joe Harper had the circus in his blood. And he was content to be the advance man for Bartow Shows until sultry, conniving Norma Donald made him her protege, Her. husband, Tim, managed the circus, but Norma had other ideas. And Joe was going to help her.

In love with aerialist Yselle Obello, he learned too late that Norma was a tramp with passion and power on her mind. She held all the winning cards. And she was prepared to use them to get every evil thing she wanted.

Apparently unrelated to this book.


The Innocent and the Wicked (Dust Is My Pillow)

Popular Library 762 First 1956

Father And Son: Rivals For One Woman!

From the back:

Here is a compelling story of a woman who desired her own stepson… A vivid, intense picture of a family torn by raging conflicts and twisted emotions


Danger: 400 Volts of Eel

For Men Only June 1955

Also, I Cover The Sex Beat and We Struck Pay-Dirt in the Desert


The Night Of The Marlin Mutiny!

For Men Only July 1954

Also featuring We Were Slaves Of The Amazon, Stripped For Sin, and Jinx Safari