The Innocent and the Wicked (Dust Is My Pillow)

Popular Library 762 First 1956

Father And Son: Rivals For One Woman!

From the back:

Here is a compelling story of a woman who desired her own stepson… A vivid, intense picture of a family torn by raging conflicts and twisted emotions


Danger: 400 Volts of Eel

For Men Only June 1955

Also, I Cover The Sex Beat and We Struck Pay-Dirt in the Desert


The Night Of The Marlin Mutiny!

For Men Only July 1954

Also featuring We Were Slaves Of The Amazon, Stripped For Sin, and Jinx Safari


The Mystery of the Bouncing Bullets

Male June 1953

Also featuring The Sheriff and Waco’s “Motel Girls”


The Yank Who Became an Island God: Sailor Morrelle and His Hundred Brides

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Adventure December 1961 thumbnail
Adventure December 1961

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