Seduced By A Fire Goddess

True Adventures December 1965

Also featuring Mexico’s Siesta-Time Senoritas, Day In A Nudist Camp, Caged Girls of Bombay, and Turkish Delights in Bikinis


Killer Cat

True Adventures cover, April 1962 thumbnail
True Adventures April 1962 thumbnail
True Adventures cover, April 1962
True Adventures April 1962

Also featuring How She Wants To Be Loved, Why The G.I.s Call It Pig Alley, and The Devil’s Dew

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Are You Afraid To Love?

True Adventures - January 1956

Because gorillas can smell fear! Also featuring The Beasts That Fought Like Men, City Of Shameless Girls, and I’ll Never Die In Bed!


Food That Can Change Your Love Life

True Adventures - May 1956

In addition to the info on the new “All-Suba-Diver Diet”, this issue also features I Killed My Lovely Mistress and The City Where Sin Is King


Hong Kong’s Secret Street Of Evil

True Adventures Magazine June 1962 thumbnail
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True Adventures June 1962 thumbnail
True Adventures Magazine June 1962
True Adventures June 1962

Where No White Man May Come Out Alive!

Also featuring Do You Really Know How To Make Love and Boy “Queen” Who Ruled An Empire

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The Man-Killing Girls Of Lepu

True Adventures June 1961

Also featuring Roadside Sex Traps, Natal’s Girl-Mad Monster and The Red’s Next Conquest — The Moon? 


Plane Crash In Alaska

True Adventures August 1965 thumbnail
10845672136_2b5bc75eac_o thumbnail
True Adventures August 1965

Also featuring Secrets Of Levant — France’s Sexiest Island, Wildest Bar In The World, Beautiful Girls Of Baja, and Confessions Of A Harem Eunuch

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Border Girl

11498955544_be05b33bfe_o thumbnail
True Adventures April 1964 thumbnail
True Adventures April 1964

Where The Chicks Come A Peso A Parcel And A Leer Means More Than A Lira

Also featuring Benito’s Mistress

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Are You A Woman’s Man?

True Adventures May 1957

Also featuring The Truth About Virility Drugs and The Girl Who Seduced A City


Seduced By A Desert Temptress

True Adventures June 1965

Also featuring Meet London’s Girls-For-Free, New Red Menace: Milka The Vampire, Bikinis On Skis, and Italy’s Sex PX


The Evilest Place In The World

True Adventures December 1961

The Casbah You’ve Never Seen Before

Also featuring Women’s Most Closely Guarded Secret: The Lesbian, Love Slaves Of The Kremlin, and No Man’s Master — Any Man’s Mistress