Nora Was A Nurse

MacFadden Books #34-107, 1962

She Thought Of Herself Only As A Dedicated Nurse Until She Learned She Was Also A Woman


Hot Cargo (1953)

Lion Book 171 (1953) thumbnail
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Lion Book 171 (1953)
Lion Book 171 (1953) Back

They carried 129,000 Tons Of Explosive Oil — And A TNT Woman!

Somehow, this is the third book with this title I have posted.
From the back:

The ship was a seam-split-ting, creaking, leaking, stinking barge.
It would get by.
The captain was a fat, foul-mouthed, drunken bum.
He’d do
The crew was cutthroat, cunning, and crooked.
It did its work.
And the one female passenger was young. lovely, and willing. But she was a lighted torch to the inflamed passions of 19 men… and when she was bored with lusting, she turned her devil’s mind to the biggest thrill of her life—She put a match to the cargo: 129,000 tons of high explosive oil.


Shock Treatment


A beautiful woman… a crippled husband… and infatuated lover — perfect ingredients for murder

Cover art swiped from the 1956 edition of To Keep or Kill




Just because the sexy nympho asked Hank to locate her uncle, he decided to become her sugar daddy…


Girl In A Cage

Beacon Books B537F, 1962

A Searing Novel Of A Man’s Twisted Love For His Only Daughter
Lisa Was Wild And Passionate — So Her Rich Father Kept Her In A Gilded Cage. But He Didn’t Count On Vengeful Rock Garnet Who Came To Town Looking For Trouble — And A Key To The Cage!

Cover reused for Rotten to the Core. You can download this entire book here



Chariot Book CB-213 1962

She Hungers For Love, Thirsts For Sex, And Men Crave Her Wild Body

“Well, What Are You Waiting For? Do I have To Undress You Too?”

Twincover with Bedroom Stripper


Bedroom Stripper


Her Profession Was Sex… Her Specialty Was Any Perversion A Man Could Pay For


The Hunt Club

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Pyramid Books R-1094, 1964 thumbnail
Pyramid Books R-1094, 1964

Manhunt in Munich — and a race with death for master spy John Keith

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Kiss for a Killer

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Honey West in The Case of the Murderous Nudes