Follow That Girl!

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Super Detective - May 1950

Also, The Bamboo Death. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


Make Sure I Win

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She would do anything to win — anything!

A shocking exposure of those college beauty contests, and what happens to pretty young co-eds when the slick promoters come to campus!

From the back:

Youth defiled!
All the girls were excited. Maybe that’s what made them such easy pickings when the promoters moved in. Until then it had looked like good, clean fun… Just a matter of choosing a campus beauty queen!
To handle “professional” aspects, hot-blooded Gladys Hynd arrived with her personal pet, Roger Bennett—but he soon found the local talent more interesting. Take blue-eyed Susan Douglas, devastating off-campus temptation. Or that fetching miss, Dene Burton, who would do absolutely anything for a vote — or simply for fun….
ACTUALLY, Dene’s fun included taboo ecstasies in the arms of other co-eds — like that pretty darling for whom Dene was trying to garner votes. Dene’s twisted hungers led her first to abuse, then possess, the buxom Gladys — while Roger, as a contest judge, found himself voluptuously involved with a pretty, if not so innocent, bystander! A novel which bluntly reveals the sinful practices tempting today’s college youth!

Cover reused from Sexurbia County


Spider #2: Hordes of the Red Butcher

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Pocket Books #77944, 1975

The original 1935 publication is here

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Motel Hostess


In Her Search For Glitter She Found A Tarnished Life

Not the same as a Motel Mistress, apparently.


The Professor and the Co-Ed


An affair that started the whole campus talking



City of Chains


He wanted success – he craved a woman – he hunted them both in the glitter of the grey-flannel jungle


Strange Sisters (1960)

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This love was wrong but she could not resist it!

From the back:

No Other Way Was Normal — To Her
And so Kathy strayed the dark and twisted path among the twilight women, doing the strange things her body urged her to do… until —
— until one night she committed the most violent act of her life… and then waited in sick horror while the swift watch-dogs of society hunted her down.
STRANGE SISTERS is the story of an alien world. Never before has it been made so intensely real for adult readers

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Swords for Charlemagne (Original Title: Swords of Anjou)

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Back Cover: Graphic G-208 (1955). Cover Art by Robert Maguire thumbnail
Graphic G-208 (1955). Cover Art by Robert Maguire
Back Cover: Graphic G-208 (1955). Cover Art by Robert Maguire