Always Leave ‘Em Dying (1969)

Always Leave 'Em Dying, paperback cover, 1969 thumbnail
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Always Leave 'Em Dying, paperback cover, 1969

Shell Scott Tangles With A Cult Of Evil

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The Cockeyed Corpse (1964)


Murder on the hoof, a very special brand of cowgirl–and the fastest gun at the dude ranch arrives at a gallop… Who else but Shell Scott?


The Wrong Touch

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Manhunt January 1954 thumbnail
Manhunt January 1954

I slapped her across the face. “You–! I ought to kill you!”

Also, Pattern For Panic. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Over Her Dead Body


Shell Scott was being hounded to death — by bombs, bullets and blondes!


The Shell Scott Sampler

Ron Lesser The Swinging Niece thumbnail
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Guy magazine October 1970 thumbnail
Ron Lesser The Swinging Niece
Guy magazine October 1970

Artwork also used for the cover of Guy magazine, October 1970, The Swinging Niece

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Find This Woman (1964)

Fawcett Gold Medal kl383 1964

Shell Scott was baffled — every girl he met insisted she was the one he was looking for!


The Wailing Frail (1956)

Fawcett Gold Medal - D1811 1956

She was a siren, all right, and I’m Shell Scott… answering her call


Take A Murder, Darling (1962)


Man, oh, man, she was slaying me, inch by inch — smile by smile!


Find This Woman (1958)

Gold Medal 821 1958

Shell Scott was baffled — every woman he met insisted she was the girl he was looking for

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The Trojan Hearse

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Pocket Books 50539 1967 thumbnail
Pocket Books 50539 1967

From the back:

Sure there was a national election going on, but I wasn’t running for any office. Still, if it hadn’t been for me the other candidate, who was a shoo-in, might have won. But there were a lot of other things going on, too.
Like Polly Plonk, whom I first encountered all dressed up in her birthday suit in her psychiatrist’s office. Or Johnny Troy, America’s golden-voiced gift to females of all ages, who might have polled more votes than both presidential candidates if he hadn’t fetched up dead. And, lastly, Ulysses Sebastian, whose talent agency was the biggest in the world until it started to “represent” some mighty peculiar clients. Such as Joe Rice, top man in the west coast Mafia, whose delightful little hirelings kept trying to kill me for reasons that were not at all clear to anyone, least of all me, Shell Scott.


Kill Him Twice

Pocket Books 50123 1967 thumbnail
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Pocket Books 50123 1967

From the back:

It’s against the law in Beverly Hills

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Bodies in Bedlam

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Shell Scott, up to his neck again in guns, gals and gore
She had a woman’s weapons and she used them to get what she wanted!

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