The Name is Jordan


Scott Jordan — lawyer and private eye — up to his ears in dames and danger!


Case of the Brazen Beauty

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Bonnie Was Bad And Beautiful. She Was Also Naked And Dead.


Fatal Undertaking


“I don’t like strange guys making passes at you,” Liddell told the redhead. “Especially with an ice-pick.”


Syndicate Girl

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She was as tough as the hoods she worked with — until she met a man who made her feel like a woman


Nobody’s Angel

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Take A Cab Ride Into The Heart Of Murder

Eddie Miles is one of a dying breed: a Windy City hack who knows every street and back alley of his beloved city and takes its recent descent into violence personally. But what can one driver do about a killer targeting streetwalkers or another terrorizing cabbies? Precious little—until the night he witnesses one of them in action…

via Hard Case Crime Painting via oldcarguy41

Quarry In The Middle


When two rival casino owners covet the same territory, guess who puts himself in the crossfire…

via Hard Case Crime. The history of this cover painting, as well as some preleminary sketches, is on the author’s blog.

Honey In His Mouth

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They Shared The Same Face—But Could They Share The Same Woman?

What would you do if you were a dead ringer for a dictator? If you were small-time grifter Walter Harsh, recovering in a hospital with a broken arm, you’d listen to a proposition that could net you a cool $50,000 for impersonating the South American strongman you resemble. You’d pay attention when the dictator’s sultry mistress started putting the moves on you. And in the dead of night, when no one was watching, you might just hatch a plot to get it all for yourself: the money, the girl, and the stash of stolen loot she’s conspiring to spirit out of the country…

via Hard Case Crime. Painting via Munchkin Press

Barely Seen

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“Be nice to me, Johnny,” the redhead said to Linddell.”I’ve got something you want.”