The Day They Butchered Bhopat!

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Spur Magazine August 1959 thumbnail
Spur Magazine August 1959

Also featuring Paradise For White Hunters: Annie MacRae’s All-Girl Safari and Are You A Victim Of The Secret Sin?

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Blood-Brides of the Malaya



Sex Journey Around The Horn

Spur Magazine April 1959 thumbnail
Spur Magazine April 1959 thumbnail
Spur April 1959 thumbnail
Spur Magazine April 1959
Spur Magazine April 1959
Spur April 1959

Also, Marooned! On The Island Of The Lash!

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She-Wolf of Halmahera: White Queen of the Jungle Savages

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Spur September 1959 thumbnail
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Spur cover, September 1959
Spur September 1959

Also featuring Around The World With Nothing On: A Secret Report on the True State of Sun Worship, I Ran A Woman’s Prison, The Spanish Prisoner and the Crooked Doll, and Gangi: Hell Smoke of the Caribbean

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