Murder Of The Hot-Spot Honey!

True Crime Cases May 1952

Drunk-Rolling… Dope Peddling… Numbers Running… Gambling… Blackmail… Vice! A True Confession By An Underworld Queen!


The Crimes Of Broadway’s Bawdy Beauties Who Barter Their Bodies For A Break In Show Business!

True Crime Cases January 1951



Girl Card Sharp

True Crime November 1951

Blood Betrays The Buxom Blonde!
Red-Headed Woman With A Heart Of Ice!
Nobody Loves A Corpse!


Sex Peddles Hot Drugs

True Crime Detective May 1949

My Body Is My Lure — Thrill Mad Playboys Are My Suckers!


Blood Lusting Demon and the Fair Young Girls of France!

True Crime March 1949 thumbnail
True Crime Cases March 1949 thumbnail
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True Crime March 1949
True Crime Cases March 1949

Also, Exposed! The Illicit Romances of an Easy To Love Dame!

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