Midwood No. Y128 1961 thumbnail
Midwood Y128 1961 thumbnail
Midwood No. Y128 1961
Midwood Y128 1961

She Searched Frantically for Love and Found It… in Her Own Sex!

It sounds like she had misplaced her Ben Wa balls

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Penthouse Party

Midwood 32-467 1965

The exotic drink was no less intoxicating that the erotic prospect of letting them share her!

From the back:

The Voluptuaries
They lived in the most luxurious of Park Avenue Penthouses, hiding their corruption beneath a veneer of elegant sophistication, spicing their jaded lives with sordid experiments in raw sensuality
BARBARA . . . the young bride who crept out of her husband’s bed and into one occupied by a naked woman.
SIMON . . . the affluent producer who enjoyed introducing pretty girls to his brand of dark sensuality.
JANIE . . . the oversexed teenager who couldn’t say no to anybody . . . or anything.
JACK. . . the muscle-man who specialized in catering to the gasping needs of older, wealthier women.
DELORES . . . the glamour girl who amused herself by taking husbands away from wives and wives away from husbands.


The Heat of Day

Midwood F296 1963

Away From Home At A Dangerous Age, It Became Their Summer Of Awakening


The Last Resort

Midwood 32-584 1966 thumbnail
Midwood 32-584 1966 Back thumbnail
Midwood 32-584 1966
Midwood 32-584 1966 Back

Wealthy women, driven by their secret desires, fleeing the world of men and creating their own little Shangri-la

From the back:

They Came To The Exclusive Resort Not Only To Lose Their Excess Weight But Also Their Secret And Strange Frustrations…
LAURA… the curvaceous and captivating redhead who refused to waste her alluring charms on men as long as there was another woman on the scene.
WILLA … the plump and pretty blonde who quickly discovered that she could not only change her figure at the club but also her sexual appetites.
TOBY … the statuesque and dominant amazon who took great pleasure in lovingly and vigorously pounding the perfumed flesh of her vain and voluptuous clients.
RHODA … the tiny and tantalizing swinger who coaxed her companions into having a party which would end up as a free-for-all orgy.


7 Days To Love

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Beacon B608F 1964

Can A Boy Of Nineteen Compete With A Man Of Forty-Eight For The Love Of A Mature Woman?

They were normal, self-respecting people back home… But only one week together and they exploded into jealousy, lust and passion!

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The Club / The Wife Next Door

38253172-The_Club_by_Steve_Yardley_BeaconSoftcover_Library_books_#B-874X,_1965 thumbnail
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Beacon Softcover Library B874X 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B1008X 1967 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B874X 1965
Beacon Softcover Library B1008X 1967

Four restless husbands, four willing wives… and sixteen scandalous reasons why Polly’s Club was the most exclusive in all suburbia!

Also published with a cover by Darcy

Her name was Emily and she loved love
In the window-to-window proximity of suburbia, the most explosive emotions soon found outlets

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Two-Way Street

Domino Books 72-741 1964

Junie Followed A Twisted Path To A Shadowy Underworld, But Greta’s Warped Greed For Both Money And Passion Made It A — Two-Way Street


Queen Bee

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She wondered if he’d be shocked when he found out exactly how she expected her male employees to earn their salaries

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Girl Trap

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It was a cross-country sex binge, he with other women, his pretty wife with other men…

From the back:

Hit-and-Run Sex Spree
Pretty little Jean stayed faithful while her husband sneaked into the skirts of women all over the place. He was regularly being slicked, sluiced and sweetened by love-hungry lovelies he picked up on the road …
This shocker of a book gives you all the juicy details. It also tells of Molly, who got her jollies by seducing husbands, then making them tell what they did to their wives in bed. It was Molly who tipped off Jean, finally, to her husband’s harem. Jean was young and full of hot hormones. All she needed was the excuse — of her husband’s frippery to zoom off on a jet-propelled sex ride of her own. Why, she never knew she could be so perverted — or that she would enjoy it so!
A Novel That Astonishes With Its Frank Treatment Of Free-Wheeling Love!


That Motel Weekend

Signal Books B782K 1964

Not Even A Blizzard Could Cool Off… That Motel Weekend

From the back:

Tack’s personal radar raised an ‘echo from the’ girl who had just entered the mote!. Need emanated from her in waves he could actually feel. She was a honeymooner, though. Tack would have to wait a while. So with his old hunger aroused, Tack examined that other woman again. Lydia, the lovely wife of Dan, his best friend. Since the first time he had seen her, Tack had known he would never be satisfied until he had had her…
Tack McFadden was always aroused, always on the prowl. And as he prowled during THAT MOTEL WEEKEND, he was to unleash a wild tide of desire and passion among the other guests, including:
Staley and Alva — An executive and his employee’s wife, “Mr. and Mrs.” on the motel register.
Rona and Jan — Two girls more interested in each other than in any man.
Karl and Frank — They had violent ideas about women, and were ready to fight each other for their next victim.
Relentless Tale Of Thirteen Men And Women Who Could Hide Their Stored-Up Passions From The Rest Of The World — But Not From Each Other!



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Beacon Books B573F - David Gregory - Man-Minded thumbnail
Beacon B573F 1966
Beacon Books B573F - David Gregory - Man-Minded

Restless, Shameless And Willing, They Planned, And Waited For, The Break-Up Of Warren’s Marriage!
A Jolting Story Of One Town In The New Suburbia In America’s Heartland — And The Wanton Young Matrons Whose Secret Love Affairs Blew The Lid Off

This entire book can be downloaded here

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Alexander and the Camp Follower (Original Title: Alexander the God)


Is it just me, or does it look like he just caught these two ladies in the middle of something?