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Pyramid #93, 1953 Back thumbnail
1953 Pyramid 93
Pyramid #93, 1953
Pyramid 542 1953
Pyramid #93, 1953 Back

Her parents didn’t realize what was happening!

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The Marina Street Girls

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Ace Books D-341 1959

“Mama’s” House Was Home To The Marina Street Girls

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Waltz Into Darkness

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Waltz into Darkness, paperback cover, 1954
Ace Double Novel Books #D-40 A

Though He Knew She Was Evil, He Could Not Live Without Her!

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The Shadowy Sex

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Beacon Softcover Library S95183 1970
Beacon B578F

A Revealingly Frank Novel Of Women Who Love Women Because They Fear To Love Men

From the back:

Marty, Rupe and Ed— even Marion, the glamorous account exec— could press a button and call for a girl … but the special kind of help they wanted always lingered into hours of erotic overtime. Then two beautiful bundles from Britain joined the office pool…
Send in Teddie— Her voluptuous figure was a dead give-away that she was out for men. But she smothered her passion for fear of deportation on moral grounds.
Send in Bobbie—Her revealing tight skirt and red hair could make any man turn on a shilling; but she was a female’s female, and had her own reasons for steering Teddie clear of men.
Send in Renee—Pert, pretty and petite, she was a straight-forward lover of musclemen. Her technique was tops in the office—and in bed.
And lovely, erotic LENA, a svelte restaurant hostess always waited downstairs to serve a generous helping of provocative perversion for the lonely ones out of a job for the night.

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Midwood Y128 1961 thumbnail
Midwood No. Y128 1961
Midwood Y128 1961

She Searched Frantically for Love and Found It… in Her Own Sex!

It sounds like she had misplaced her Ben Wa balls

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Penthouse Party

Midwood 32-467 1965

The exotic drink was no less intoxicating that the erotic prospect of letting them share her!

From the back:

The Voluptuaries
They lived in the most luxurious of Park Avenue Penthouses, hiding their corruption beneath a veneer of elegant sophistication, spicing their jaded lives with sordid experiments in raw sensuality
BARBARA . . . the young bride who crept out of her husband’s bed and into one occupied by a naked woman.
SIMON . . . the affluent producer who enjoyed introducing pretty girls to his brand of dark sensuality.
JANIE . . . the oversexed teenager who couldn’t say no to anybody . . . or anything.
JACK. . . the muscle-man who specialized in catering to the gasping needs of older, wealthier women.
DELORES . . . the glamour girl who amused herself by taking husbands away from wives and wives away from husbands.


The Heat of Day

Midwood F296 1963

Away From Home At A Dangerous Age, It Became Their Summer Of Awakening


I Skippered Red China’s Floating Sex Palace

Escape to Adventure Magazine September 1962 thumbnail
Escape to Adventure September 1962 thumbnail
Escape to Adventure Magazine September 1962
Escape to Adventure September 1962

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“Wet Plate” Wallace and the Belles of Tapirape

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Sir! January 1960
Sir January 1960

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The Last Resort

Midwood 32-584 1966 thumbnail
Midwood 32-584 1966 Back thumbnail
Midwood 32-584 1966
Midwood 32-584 1966 Back

Wealthy women, driven by their secret desires, fleeing the world of men and creating their own little Shangri-la

From the back:

They Came To The Exclusive Resort Not Only To Lose Their Excess Weight But Also Their Secret And Strange Frustrations…
LAURA… the curvaceous and captivating redhead who refused to waste her alluring charms on men as long as there was another woman on the scene.
WILLA … the plump and pretty blonde who quickly discovered that she could not only change her figure at the club but also her sexual appetites.
TOBY … the statuesque and dominant amazon who took great pleasure in lovingly and vigorously pounding the perfumed flesh of her vain and voluptuous clients.
RHODA … the tiny and tantalizing swinger who coaxed her companions into having a party which would end up as a free-for-all orgy.


7 Days To Love

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Beacon B608F 1964

Can A Boy Of Nineteen Compete With A Man Of Forty-Eight For The Love Of A Mature Woman?

They were normal, self-respecting people back home… But only one week together and they exploded into jealousy, lust and passion!

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The Fear and The Guilt

Ace S-80, 1954 thumbnail
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Ace Books S-80, 1954 thumbnail
Ace S-80, 1954
51600759963-Ace Books, 1954
Ace Books S-80, 1954

They stirred the dark waters of desire

From the back:

There mightn’t have been trouble if Ruby had continued to see Christy in secret. But when she dared bring the attractive blond girl back to Pa Anderson’s farm, storm clouds quickly gathered on the horizon. For Pa had been too long alone and he hungered for the closeness of a woman other than his daughter. All too soon Ruby found herself pitted against her own father—seeking to recapture a love that was against law and nature.

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The Club / The Wife Next Door

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Beacon Softcover Library B874X 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B1008X 1967 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B874X 1965
Beacon Softcover Library B1008X 1967

Four restless husbands, four willing wives… and sixteen scandalous reasons why Polly’s Club was the most exclusive in all suburbia!

Also published with a cover by Darcy

Her name was Emily and she loved love
In the window-to-window proximity of suburbia, the most explosive emotions soon found outlets

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War And Women For “The Tiger”!


Sadist, Rapist, He Ruled By Terror And Violence!

Also, Just About Everyone In Mexico Can Afford A Mistress!