The Gay Girls Who Tripped Hitler’s Ace Spy Master

Sir August 1961 thumbnail
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 011 thumbnail
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 020-21 thumbnail
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 024-25 thumbnail
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 036-37 thumbnail
Sir August 1961
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 011
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 020-21
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 024-25
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 036-37

Also, Virgin Auction In Old Colorado, I Saw Paris “When”, and The Amazing Loot Of Lima Hoax

This entire issue can be downloaded here

One thought on “The Gay Girls Who Tripped Hitler’s Ace Spy Master”

  1. Mark Schneider’s cover and inner illustrations.
    Cover depicts Admiral Canaris watching “showing no emotion […] as the nazi guards moved down his former mistress”.
    Also a very interesting article about the “Lebensborn” of nazi Germany and the astonishing real story of Sam Brannan, 1st citizen of San Francisco (formerly named Yerba Buena !)

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