Unfaithful Wives


They Played — And Then — Paid!

A Sultry Novel Of Unbridled Lust

From the back:

One Slut Deserves Another

While her husband was away, Rita Sharpe would play. Sometimes with her stupid, but strong gardener. More often with slick Norman Williams. Yet she was no worse than bosomy Sandra Thomas! Sandra slyly cheated with practically every man who came along … not excepting Rita’s own rugged spouse….

His name was Fred, and he was perfectly willing to make the most of a wife — anybody’s wife. He could not foresee that thanks to smooth Norman, the cozy situation would explode into a frenzy of hate and wild brutality. In the end Fred was forced to deny both Rita and Sandra — and gamble his life on the sinful need of still another unfaithful woman!


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