Voluptuous Voyage

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Midwood #F198 1962

They were a ship of sinners who left their morals on the pier.

From the back:

Cabin 15A Robin & Sherry — 
Two call girls who played for pay, but when they played for keeps they played with each other. 
Cabin 17A Letty —
A technical virgin who won her ticket on a quiz show by not being so technical about her virginity. 
Cabin 18A Vivi — 
Sex mistress of the ship, she knew what men and women wanted — and gave it to them from stem to stern.
Cabin 19A Jason & Connie — 
He had the equipment, she knew how to use it.
Then there was Alan and Owen and Martine, all thrown together on a cruise that was one wild orgy from port to port.

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