White Slave Racket

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From the back:

The lure of the stage makes a perfect bait for enticing young girls into the nefarious white-slave trade. A dancing school is the perfect blind to cover up these activities. Little do the victims suspect what fate has in store for them until it is too late, too late to escape, almost too late for help

Roland Vane has toured the world seeking data for his books, and knows the seamy side of life as well as, if not better than, any other writer in the world. He has studied the machinations of those operating in the white-slave racket from every possible angle. He knows the houses; he knows the girls; he knows the operators; and, most important of all, Mr. Vane knows the people in the background—the shadows who reap the big profits.

Here is fiction woven about a completely factual background. The people are rea! people—the houses, real houses—the situations, real situations. All only thinly disguised just enough to protect the innocent.

No one can read this book without knowing that here is a true story told in all its sordid detail.

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