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The Nympho Torture Girls Of Jap “Camp Brutal”

True Men (July, 1962).

Also featuring “Respectable” Wives Who Are Secret, Sex-For-Pay Tramps and Two Hot, New Headaches For Summer Sportsmen: Campfire Call-Girls & Small Boat “Bunkmates” — The Great, Indoor Sin-Doll Race To Vacation Spots For Outdoor Men


The Spiked Heel


The hardest-hitting, best-written novel on big business since Executive Suite

But is it better than Sexecutive?


The Saga Of The Incredible Defenders Of Wolmi-Do

Man's Life (Dec., 1959). Cover by Wil Hulsey

There really was a battle on the island of Wolmi-Do, but somehow I doubt it looked like this.

Also featuring Smog City: Where Starlets and Career Girls Run Wild, When Jealous Men Go Kill-Crazy, Belle Santee and her Unique Bordello On Wheels, and Why Women Despise The American Male — Because They Ask For It!


She-Devils Of The South Pacific

True Adventures February 1961

Also, A Frank Article For Every Man: What You Don’t Know About Love, The Crime French Women Don’t Talk About: Nazi Sex Slaves Of Paris, The Widow Who Liked Men — Dead, and Millions In Treasure — For You?


Boss of Brazil’s Wildest Goldtown

21095823-MORT KUNSTLER (American b. 1931) Holding Them Off at the Cantina, For Men Only cover, circa 1965 thumbnail
For Men Only June 1965 thumbnail
21095823-MORT KUNSTLER (American b. 1931) Holding Them Off at the Cantina, For Men Only cover, circa 1965
For Men Only June 1965

The woman loading the gun at the left of this painting shows up again on the cover of Male, seen here

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Ninety Scalps For The Cheyenne Chief

True Men August 1959

Also, Love-Happy Nurses Are Lousing Up Our Hospitals and Female Furies Of The Sea Guard Underwater Millions


The Yank Who Won Over Vietnam’s “Village of Wild Brides”

Male cover, January 1963 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine Jan 1963 thumbnail
Male cover, January 1963
Adventure Magazine Jan 1963

Also includes Wild Leatherneck Air Ace Who Saved Tulagi Harbor and An Italian “Back Alley” Girl, a Partisan Dynamiter and Three Bold Yanks: They Paved the Way for the Conquest of Italy


Outpost Infinity


Also includes The Fear Planet