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The People Against Paul Wright


Paul Wright was a silent movie actor who was on trial for murdering his wife and her lover. He claimed in court to have found her fellating his best friend at his piano. According to his defense team, he was tormented by demons of WWI, the aftermath of tuberculosis, and a vasectomy. He was eventually found guilty but not culpable by reason of temporary insanity and never served time in prison.


Reformatory Girls (Original Title: Hall of Death)


Not related to this more lesbian-themed book of the same name.


Hell In A Blue Bikini

True Danger June 1965

Revenge Raid Of The Ravaged Assault Girls

Also featuring The Secret Sex Lives Of Women, I Was A Playgirl’s Bodyguard and Blood Bath On The Riviera


War-Maid of Mars

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Planet Stories 1952-05 004
Planet Stories 1952-05 033
Planet Stories 1952-05 058
Planet Stories 1952-05 066

This painting, worth about $40,000, is thought to be one of only three surviving science fiction covers by Allen Anderson. Another can be seen here.  

An unusual twist of fate was reported as the reason behind the survival of this painting. When Fiction House, publishers of the magazine, went out of business in the sixties, all of the original art stored in its warehouse was burned by workers who saw no reason to keep the art. Fortunately, Frank Kelly Freas had rescued several of his own paintings years before. Later, as Freas told it, he took the Anderson painting, one of two, in trade for monies owed him when he was visiting the publisher to discuss his own artwork, shortly before the fire.

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Oh Mesmerist From Mimas!

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Madness — gargantuan madness — struck Mars when the radiant Smiley landed…

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Captive of the Centaurianess

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Female warriors raided the Galaxy to fill their harems on Alpha C.

The entire System was after Ballantyne. Earth wanted him. The Jovian war-fleet jetted on his trail. But mainly Ballantyne feared his big-bosomed, sword-swinging space-mate — Dyann the Amazon from man-starved Alpha C3.

Also features Tonight the Stars Revolt! This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Go, HoneyLou


She was all Texas — six feet off the ground, and leading me six feet under…