Lady Wrestler

Midwood #F193 1962

She Wrestled With Sin — And Got Pinned

Who are these beautiful girls who publicly use their bodies to entertain the fans and gratify themselves?


Chained Sex

Newsstand Library #U166 1961 thumbnail
11624750906_888400923f_o thumbnail
Newsstand Library #U166 1961

Sex Hunger in the Face of Death — Lust Behind a Double Bore Shotgun — Love That Made a Panty-Waist Into a Man

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Daughter of Joy

Newsstand Library #525 1960

She ruled her lesbian jungle with a bull whip — and the passion that thrilled at its bloody snap!

Lesbian Jungle?


White Cannibal

Jungle Stories Spring 1954

Final issue, final appearance of Sheena


Waif Of The Wilderness Pack

Summer 1948 North-West Romances thumbnail
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NWR-1948-Summer-p023 thumbnail
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Summer 1948 North-West Romances

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Dictators Die Hard


Treasure Hunt in a Murderer’s Paradise


The Hellcat Mayor of Little Bear-Skin

Real Men June 1959

In The Wildest Town Of The Arctic She Ruled With Girls And Gold

Also featuring Slave To 100 Junge Brides


The Lady from L.U.S.T.

Lady From L.U.S.T. Rod Gray 1967 thumbnail
RGLust2 thumbnail
Lady From L.U.S.T. Rod Gray 1967

The World’s Sexist Spy: When This Lady Tracks You Down, It’s A Pleasure To Be Caught.

From the back:

Her name is Eve Drum, The Lady From L.U.S.T., the sexiest spy in the world. Anything anyone can do she can do better. They call her Oh Oh Sex, because sex is her favorite weapon, but she is just as good at Karate, safe cracking, knife throwing, scuba diving, you name it. Don’t tangle with her. She has a license to kill and she does not care if she uses her body or a Beretta. Swing along as she goes into action against a super villain who wants to wreck N.A.T. O. and heat up the Cold War to flash point. It will blow your mind.