Don’t Be A Sucker For Auto Gyps

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Complete Man February 1967

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Five Faces Of Murder

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The key to the puzzle was the man with five faces — and the beautiful, mysterious blond.

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Coffins For Three

Detective Fiction Weekly February 19, 1938

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Vice Girl For The Killer

MEN IN CONFLICT February 1963

She Matched Her Greed Against The Panic Of A Hunted Outlaw

Also featuring Sex And The Commuter, Accident: Don’t Touch, Beware These Love Traps and The Jungle Nympho Of Elephant Pass


Tomb Of The Friendly Enemies

TRUE MEN STORIES September 1963

Buried Alive — WWII’s Strangest Allies: 1 Yank Paratrooper, 2 Italian Street-Girls, 1 Nazi Lieutenant…

Also, The Great Sin-On-Wheels Pullman Train That Drove Our Railroads Wild! and On-The-Job Orgies! The Hushed-Up Scandal Of Our Defense Plant “Love Lotteries!”


The Coven


Rick Holman joins a coven of swinging Hollywood Satanists and find himself in a witches’ brew that leads from magic to orgies to murder!


The Nympho Cossack Queen Of The Bloody Steppes

True Danger, 1968

Also featuring Sex Guilts Make You Impotent!, Sex Monster In The Bedroom, I Trained The Nude Girl Boxers Of Bangkok and Swamp Lust!


The Death’s Head Treasure And The Istanbul Blonde

Real Men May 1966

Also, The Snake-Killer Raiders Of The Burma Border! and Three Sisters Explain Why “We Swap Husbands Once A Week!”


You’ve Got The Map To An $8,700,000 Treasure…

Real Men July 1966

So Hand It Over Or You’re Dead

Also featuring Revenge For The Massacre At Coger’s Hill, The Fighting Frauleins Of Schwandorf Forest!, Dead Men For A Belly Dancer Spy, and The Headhunters Took My Woman!


The Squad Of Prostitutes Who Tried To Love An Army To Death

Real Men July 1966

Also featuring The Sex Technique Women Secretly Desire, Night Of Blood (On The Killing Grounds Of Makin), The “House Of Any Sin”, and Terror Burns In The Night!


The Naked Archer


Because she favored women for love, each arrow she shot at her male assistant seemed to be aimed closer to castrate him