Pirate Queen of the China Seas

Man To Man Magazine December 1960

Kalba Wong terrorized men — but Cliff Wrede taught her a lesson.

Also featuring I Am A Nympho Alcoholic, Raped In The Black Wave of Terror, and How to Bet YOUR System


Love-Crazed Amazons Of Ahamoa

Man's Daring Magazine April 1961


Last Days Of Hitler’s Depraved Dagger Girls

True Men Magazine January 1963


Terror Of The All-Girl Posse And Their Necktie Parties

Man's Life Magazine January 1960


The Island Of Violent Virgins

South Sea Magazine October 1960

Also, The Island Where Sex Is Compulsory, Human Studs In Arabia, I Rescued Brigitte From Harem Torture, My Gem Jackpot In Honduras, and I Saw The Forbidden Somali Sex Dance


The Facts About Sex And Pain

Man's Adventure Magazine March 1963

Also featuring Pit Of Slaughter, Wives For Rent, Death In The Air, and The Call-Girl Who Saved America


Claw Bait For The Slinking Killer

Man's Life July 1961

Also featuring Country Lodges: Hideouts For City Sinners, Ladies Night In The Morgue, Sordid Girl Shills For The Forbidden White Power, and How Medical Labs Gamble With Your Life


Captured By The Man-Hungry Women Of Mt. Saphos

Outdoor Adventure April 1959 thumbnail
Outdoor Adventure 4-1959 contents thumbnail
Outdoor Adventure April 1959
Outdoor Adventure 4-1959 contents


Finding The River Of Gold

Man To Man Magazine September 1960

Finding The River Of Gold was also published in South Sea Stories. Also featuring Leo Doran’s Jungle Harem, Red Hell, and I Was A Nazi Love Slave