Well Of The Virgins

Well of Virgins, Battle Cry magazine cover, December 1959 thumbnail
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Well of Virgins, Battle Cry magazine cover, December 1959

Notice that I have not tagged this cover “Helpless Women”

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Is One Man Enough For Any Woman?

Battle Cry June 1968

Also, Sex City — Every Man’s Paradise — Miami Beach!, I Was The Guide For A White Slave Safari!, and The Prostitute Who Dealt In Sin Drugs And Murder!


The Sex Games That Wife-Swappers Play

BATTLE CRY July 1967

I love the little thumb-cuffs. Also featuring The Man-Happy Frauleins Who Sold Their Bodily Charms To The Reds!, Vice-Hungry Housewives And Their Play-For-Pay House Of Love!, and The Death-Cursed Treasure Of The Paraguay Jungle!


The Stripper Who Went Too Far

Battle Cry Magazine January 1961, thumbnail
Battle Cry January 1961 thumbnail
Battle Cry Magazine January 1961,
Battle Cry January 1961

Not even the most perfect body was proof against a gun…


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The Armed Forces War Against Vice

Battle Cry, October 1962

Also featuring Sin Stands for Sabotage and Tokyo: The City Where Sex Is King


Sex Slave to the Jungle Japs

Battle Cry January 1960 thumbnail
Battle Cry Magazine January 1960 thumbnail
Battle Cry January 1960
Battle Cry Magazine January 1960

While this cover is indeed racist, I don’t think those are the Japs I was promised.

Also featuring Listen While You Love, Tigers Spell Death, and Pearl Heart: Wildest Woman Of The West

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I Was A Prisoner Of The Nympho Captain Of Stalag Nine!

Battle Cry June 1959

Also, The Pleasure Maidens Of Stalingrad, Goon-Boy and His Tank, and The Week The Women Were Free!


Hitler’s Secret Army Of American Prostitutes!

Battle Cry February 1958

Also featuring Bataan Death March and The Red-Ball Express


They Drink Anything

Battle Cry December 1961

Also featuring Sex Before Marriage, The City Of Legal Vice, and Kiss The Girls Good-Bye


Revenge of the Nazi Love Doll

Battle Cry February 1964 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-016 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-017 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-019 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-020 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-028 thumbnail
Battle Cry February 1964
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-016
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-017
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-019
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-020
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-028

Also featuring The Women Who Ruin Your Love Life. This entire issue can be downloaded here


I Fought My Way Into The Mountain Of Torture

Battle Cry June 1964

Also featuring I Watched Them Eat My Flesh!, High School Sex Clubs — The Scandal of America, and Nude Love Dolls Of Nympho Ranch



Battle Cry November 1958

The Sex Happy Dames Who Almost Wrecked The Army

Also featuring Phoney Fatherhood: The Racket That Bled Our G.I.s Dry! and Canadian “First”: The Men Who Saved The Empire!