The Story of Esther Costello


Beautiful and innocent, she was use to promote a multi-million-dollar charity racket!

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Murder In The Raw

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Gold Medal #694, 1957

There we were — and the only thing between us was murder

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The Case of the Radioactive Redhead

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A gripping mystery with a startling dénouement

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The Private Eye Meets The Curvaceous Kook

Two tapering legs waving straight up in the air, flaring downward into mesh-colored buttocks and a billow of gold cloth that played frantic peek-a-boo over the torrid torso of Frenchy Appleton…

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Three Must Die

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Murder In The Worst Degree…!

A dead man… a killer on the loose… Dinny Powell wanted no part of them! His only desire was for lush little Libby — but the girl insisted on dipping her red-tipped fingers into million-dollar mayhem. So did Vince Keogh, who was murder on wheels… and Thorpe, the hot heir… and lovely Nancy, always ready to strip for action….

Who’s-got-the-million had become a dirty, greedy game! Still, Dinny figured he had it won. All he had to do was betray those who trusted him, and be — Rat For A Day!

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Murder Has Many Faces

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From the back:

“I’m Looking For An Angel…”

That’s what Nick Winter told them, as he followed the tangled skein of murder deep into Mexico. But angels were mighty few! Take Marty, Nick’s brother and the first of the corpses: he was already bound for hell. So was his wife, with whom Nick was ready to spend Marty’s last grand… and who only wanted to spend the night!

That left Betsy, an angel sure enough — and dying not to be one! She gave Nick trouble just keeping her on earth. For she alone knew the secret of one who called himself The Archangel –but really thought he was God!

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Diamond Dick’s Gift Horse (The Man With The Metal Head)


Both Diamond Dick and Handsome Harry stared in dismay when the explosion of the unseen dynamite came, caused the whole mouth of the tunnel to drop in, and imprisoning them alive


Diamond Dick’s Sagacity (A Clever Scheme Disclosed)


With a temendous spring, Diamond Dick went flying through space and landed in the middle of the boat. It was a daring deed, and one which struck terror into the hearts of the villains.


Diamond Dick’s Silent Special (The Line-Up At Lost Lead)


“Faster! faster!” cried Singing Sue, as Slocumb paid out the rope from the overhanging cliff. “I must cut him free or he will be crushed to death!” Meanwhile the boulders thundered down.


Musk, Hashish and Blood


The Adventures Of A Modern Man Amount The Cruel Men And Passionate Women Of Algiers


Motto For Murder


She looks terrified, even though she is clearly about to smash that guy’s skull in.


The Sky-Jacker


Freebooters fly uncharted skies on the trail of treasure loot.