The Scapegoat


The fascinating story of a man who traded lives with another and gained a château , a business, a wife… and a mistress


Disputed Passage

Pocket Books, C-176, 1963

The story of a brilliant young doctor who almost forgot that people are more than just bodies

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The Bandit And The Priest (Original Title: The Singer Not The Song)


The struggle between two remarkable men — one good, evil — for the heart of a girl and the soul of an entire town


Quartet in H (Original Title: Second Ending)

Cardinal Books C-236 1956

Young musicians and their girls — talented, insecure, desperately seeking love. Here is their explosive story told with power and compassion


Cress Delahanty

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Cress Delahanty (Pocket books #1073, 1955)

The tenderly funny story of a modern girl’s growing up.

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The Witching Pool (Original Title: Edgell’s Island)

Cardinal C-38 1952

The learned about love in — The Witching Pool

This book is listed several places as having cover art by Tom Dunn, but that signature doesn’t look like Dunn to me.

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Jubilee Trail


A high society wife and a runaway honky-tonk queen travel the lawless… Jubilee Trail


The Wanderer

Cardinal Edition No. C-244  Pocket Books, 1957

Heterochromia Iridum is a difference in coloration of the eyes