Fiery and French… she began in innocence, and ended as a sultan’s favorite concubine

From the back:

In the sultan’s harem, power was a blood-stained scimitar, love was the whim of a barbarian… and its ways prescribed by his Academy of Love. An empire’s most beautiful women had studied there. But none learned their lessons quite as well as the French girl named Aimée Dubuc


Make Sure I Win

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She would do anything to win — anything!

A shocking exposure of those college beauty contests, and what happens to pretty young co-eds when the slick promoters come to campus!

From the back:

Youth defiled!
All the girls were excited. Maybe that’s what made them such easy pickings when the promoters moved in. Until then it had looked like good, clean fun… Just a matter of choosing a campus beauty queen!
To handle “professional” aspects, hot-blooded Gladys Hynd arrived with her personal pet, Roger Bennett—but he soon found the local talent more interesting. Take blue-eyed Susan Douglas, devastating off-campus temptation. Or that fetching miss, Dene Burton, who would do absolutely anything for a vote — or simply for fun….
ACTUALLY, Dene’s fun included taboo ecstasies in the arms of other co-eds — like that pretty darling for whom Dene was trying to garner votes. Dene’s twisted hungers led her first to abuse, then possess, the buxom Gladys — while Roger, as a contest judge, found himself voluptuously involved with a pretty, if not so innocent, bystander! A novel which bluntly reveals the sinful practices tempting today’s college youth!


Lords Of The Tideless Sea

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Golden Fleece Feb 1939

This entire issue can be downloaded here



White Squaw of the Cheyannes

Frontier Stories Summer 1948

Buckskin Renegade against Blue-eyed Brave… The prize — a Wagon Train belle!

Another suspected Allen Anderson cover. This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Yank Who Ran Paris’ Playgirl Sabotage Ring

For Men Only September 1960

His Platoon Of French Models Hijacked A Top Missile Scientist From Under The Gestapo’s Nose

Also featuring Man-Hungry Queen In The White Doctor’s Jungle Paradise 


Lone Women Were His Prey

Master Detective September 1958

Also featuring Mad Dog From Memphis and She Died With Her Secret


The Marooned Sailor and the Fighting Girls of Stalingrad

Stag November 1960

Also featuring The Plot To Kill Nikita Khrushchev