Lost Treasure Of Slave King River

Real Men August 1965

Also, Why We Like Wife Swapping, Sex And Strippers, and Death Trap in the Himalayas


Follow A Dead Man’s Trail To the Hill Of Bloody Emeralds!

Real Men July 1969

Also featuring Sex Mad Housewives And Their Teen-Age Lovers!, We Battled Castro’s Goons through a Night Of Slaughter, How You Can Be Trapped Into Making Love In Front Of An Audience! and Miracle Escape From The Nazi Killers Of Cisterna!

This cover was reused from the November 1965 issue.


Greenwich Village, N.Y. One Square Mile Of Sex!

Real Men April 1961


The Jungle Harem Of Mike Molloy!

Real Men December 1958

Also, Suicide Sub!, Lady with the Whip and Rodeo Cowboy


I Fought The Mau Maus

Real Men December 1957

Also, Are You Ready To Die — Tomorrow?, Nudism: Does It Stand For Health Or Vice?, Secret Agent Of The Frontier, and I Married A Prostitute


Fremont: Trail Blazer Of The American Frontier

Real Men January 1959 cover thumbnail
Real Men January 1959 thumbnail
Real Men January 1959 cover
Real Men January 1959


They Hunt For Women — With Dogs!

Real Men May 1959 thumbnail
Real Men Magazine May 1959 thumbnail
Real Men May 1959
Real Men Magazine May 1959

Also, Shipwrecked On Paradise Island and Escape From Shark Island

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Vice Girls Who Let You Love Now — Pay Later!

Real Men Magazine April 1970

Also featuring Life Inside A Woman’s Prison!, You’ll Never Get Out Of Warsaw Alive!, How You Can Become A Master At Sex!, and The Gestapo Pig Who Wanted A Woman A Day!


Henry Yager And His Golden Girl Guerillas

Real Men Magazine March 1960 thumbnail
Real Men March 1960 thumbnail
Real Men Magazine March 1960
Real Men March 1960

Also featuring You’ll Never Leave Russia Alive!, The Passionate Prophet Of Oneida, and The Treasure Of Abu The Mad!

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The Black Pearls Of Aru

Real Man cover, January 1960 thumbnail
34732974-5834786701_6acec145b9_o[1] thumbnail
Real Man cover, January 1960

A Million Dollars Lay In My Grasp, Until A Woman’s Flesh Led Me Into Hell

Also featuring The Hundred Moro Maidens Of Pvt. “Billy Bones” and Sex: America’s Biggest Business

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The Knife-Happy Nymphos Of Porto De Oro

REAL MEN October 1964

Also featuring We Tried Wife Swapping — And We Like It!, I Found The $14,000,000 Treasure Of Baldwin The Mad And Half Of It Is Still There, The Kill-For-Pay Yank Who Broke Up Castro’s Vice And Torture Ring, and Assignment: Kill The Stomping Monster Of Thailand!


Nicaragua’s Treasure Of “Dead Virgin Swamp”

Help Yourself, Real Men magazine cover, January 1966 thumbnail
Real Men January 1966 thumbnail
Help Yourself, Real Men magazine cover, January 1966
Real Men January 1966

Also featuring Wife Swapping Is Everything We Hoped For!, Pain Is My Way Of Life And I Love It, and Assignment: Nymphomaniac

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How The Mob Keeps It’s Vice Houses Filled With Fresh, Young Girls!

RealMen1970-09 thumbnail
Real Men September 1970 thumbnail
Real Men September 1970

Also featuring Sex Secrets Of An Oriental Harlem, New Clues To A Fortune In Soft, Yellow Gold — Just Waiting To Be Taken!, The Screaming Killer Of Jerusalem, and New Racket In Smuggled Love Potions!

This entire issue can be downloaded here