Girls’ School

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Beacon B820X 1965
Beacon Books S75111 - Jay Vincent - Girls' School (back)

From boarding school to bawdy school in one easy lesson!
The Daring Novel About A Bordello Queen Who Sets Up Shop In A Girl’s Academy

From the back:

When Teachers Pet 
To the eye, it was an innocent girls’ school. But the “head mistress” was a good-looking madam whose “students” included the gayest, wackiest, wittiest and wickedest call-girls ever to gladden a reprobate’s heart.
Every red-blooded man in the county was attending classes and acquiring a liberal education from the girls But then the pair of maiden aunts who owned the place — and had no idea of what was going on — decided to visit. With them they brought their young nephew.
Madam Angie and her “schoolgirls” somehow had to deceive the aunts. This they attempted with the aid of assorted customers and a bawdy schoolmaster. The resulting scramble was racier than a French farce and more earthy than a burlesque show. The aunts lost their innocence — and the nephew was seduced right into manhood.

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