2 thoughts on “Salome: Princess Of Galilee”

  1. There’s lots to like about this picture: the beautiful colours and lots of activity; the look of sheer joy on Salome’s face (but also one of cheekiness – she knows she has all these important men in her power) and the lewd lecherous looks on the onlookers – not least her own father Herod and I like the stance of the guest in the blue toga at the very end – although, judging by his companion on the sofa he’d not be too interested in girls. The guy in the very forefront looks most thoughtful – perhaps hoping she is not a hermaphrodite such as she was in the wonderful film of Oscar Wilde’s play…And last but not least the expression on the woman beside him – presumably Salome’s mother (the true evil genius behind the assassination of John the Baptist) seems to be thinking I can’t wait to see that head on a gold plate…You might have guessed, trendsetters, I LOVE Salome and all things Salome-ic

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