The Conquering Prince

Conquering Prince Garnde F Fox 001

He Ruled By The Sword — She By Her Caresses

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Secret Of The Second Door

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Gold Medal Books 855, 1959 thumbnail
Gold Medal Books 855, 1959

Her beautiful body and willing ways had led Neil straight into a killer’s trap

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The Girl Cage (1959)


Lonely service wives waiting for their men… The most tempting prey in the world — and the easiest…

Not related to Girl In A Cage or The Girl In The Cage or Girls For Satan’s Birdcage or Sex And The Caged Women. It is, however, related to the 1953 printing of this same book. Definitely not related to Man In A Cage.




… tantalizing … alluring … wanton … but deep within her smoldered the flames of violence that could destroy a man


Divine Mistress (1958)


A novel of love and torture, and a doctor’s search for truth in the days of the Spanish Inquisition.