Soft Flesh For The Red’s House Of 1,000 Agonies


Also featuring 10 Weaknesses That Can Doom Your Sex Life, A Prostitute Speaks Her Mind On Sex, The Screaming Virgins Of The City Of Horror, and Way Out Kicks Of Suburbia’s Swinging Teens


One thought on “Soft Flesh For The Red’s House Of 1,000 Agonies”

  1. All the tags could apply to our hapless heroine but I like to think these geezers are all involved in the way out kicks of Suburbia’s swinging teens. In any case–nice choice of underwear colour. I’m certain it saved her from the Red’s house of 1000 agonies…And I especially like the Yellow Peril femme fatale in the blue dress:
    ” I speak my mind on sex. I know ten weaknesses that can doom your sex life, screaming virgin of the city of horror!!”

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