Passion’s Captive

Passion's Captive paperback cover, 1966 thumbnail
Leisure Book #1128 1966 thumbnail
Passion's Captive paperback cover, 1966
Leisure Book #1128 1966

Manacles Held His Hands — But Not His Body!

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Tramp Steamer

Tramp Steamer by John Dexter, Greenleaf, 1965 thumbnail
Leisure Book #1115 1965 thumbnail
Tramp Steamer by John Dexter, Greenleaf, 1965
Leisure Book #1115 1965

Wanton Guests On A Sin Cruise Of Shame!

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Swing Shift

MIDWOOD F384 1964

It was a sleepy little town by day… but a glittering jewel of corruption by night!

From the back:

Chris… who worked nights as a hostess in a nightclub owned by a man who insisted on driving her home… the long way!
Mercy… who needed more than her husband was able to give her and decided to let every man in town know it!
Lize… who took her pleasure wherever and whenever she could find it, even if it meant seducing her friend’s husband… or her neighbor’s pretty young wife!
Three Attractive Young House Wives… Each With Her Own Problem, Each With Her Own Need, Each With Her Own Reason for Going on a Sexual Spree


Thank You, Call Again

Midwood [Canadian] 32-413, 1964 thumbnail
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Midwood [Canadian] 32-413, 1964

She wonder how much longer she could lead a double life — that of a dutiful housewife by night and a high-priced call-girl by day.

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Sappho of Lesbos (1964)

Paperback Library 53-269 1964

The perverse pleasures of her orgies and her sexual excesses paled before the flooding desire she felt with her virile warrior.


Love Doctor (1959)

Stanley Library SL-70 1959

His Man Starved Female Patients Wouldn’t Let Him be True to His Torrid Wife!

From the back:

Their marriage—the young, handsome doctor and the beautiful blonde—got started wrong.
Clyde’s gentle, Dresden-doll approach to Norma was out of character—but he couldn’t help himself… couldn’t help the mental block that rooted in his childhood.
Reacting to her aloofness, he acquired a mistress while on his honeymoon—and went back to his inveterate girl chasing… till
Norma caught him cold, and walked out—going back to her first boy-friend, a live-wire public relations executive who had taught her the passion and violence of love.
This is life—raw, harsh, ruthless—the way people like Clyde and Norma make it for themselves! A NOVEL THAT DISSECTS THE SHAM OF ATOMIC-AGE LOVE!

A 1961 edition is here


The Hypnotist

PEC Book N 143 (1966)

From the back:

John Meridith Swift was only 14 years old and he was quite impressed by the hypnotist he’d seen. It wasn’t surprising that he tried to imitate the man, but, as he discovered with young Nancy next door, he had to give his voice time to mature a little.
He never lost his fascination for the art, however, and much later . . . in his last year at college, he had the opportunity for an interesting experiment. One which caused a young virgin to turn up pregnant; almost costing her life and sanity . . . and John’s as well .. .


Liza’s Apartment


Everything Men Wanted Was Available In — Liza’s Apartment
A Searing Expose Of The ‘Newly Renovated’ Apartment Racket And The Gorgeous Girls Hired To Keep Tenants Happy


Linda Lust

Evening Reader ER748 - Linda Lust (1964) thumbnail
31207187447-evening-reader-748-john-dexter-linda-lust thumbnail
Evening Reader ER748 - Linda Lust (1964)

A Wanton Hunger For Sin And Money

From the back:

… the brothers Evans… Bruce and Cal… shared a common shame… each wanted the other’s wife to share their exclusive degradation. Bruce took matters into his own hands and prevailed upon the shameless vixen, Linda, to seduce Cal away from Myra… the light of Bruce’s life. Linda moves into Cal’s home like a forest fire, flaunting her insatiable desires all around Cal, working him to an exhaustion each day… until Myra discovers the wantons as they begin another session of their endless—

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Tomorrow’s Call Girls


A Gut-Gripping Novel Of Yesterday’s Children… Today’s Adolescents… And… Tomorrow’s Call Girls
They were taught the basic skills at a high-school thrill club — then recruited for the labor pool of vice!


Free and Easy (Original Title: After Passion)

Free and Easy, paperback cover, Ecstasy 1951 thumbnail
Ecstasy 1951 - # 11 - Free And Easy - Luther Gordon thumbnail
Free and Easy, paperback cover, Ecstasy 1951
Ecstasy 1951 - # 11 - Free And Easy - Luther Gordon

She Wanted Love… Not Marriage!


Ecstasy Girl (1951)

45332823055-jack-woodford-ecstasy-girl-1951-avon-montly-novel-20 thumbnail
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The Mixed-Up Love Capers of Two Men and Three Girls

The 1948 cover is here

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