Sin King

Midnight Reader MR 424, 1962

They said Casanova Was His Ancestor — So Lust-Hungry Women Made Him Prove It!

From the back:

Passion Time…
was any time under the Mediterranean sun for a young American expatriate. And Al was just the guy lo lie back on the sand and enjoy to the hilt any love that washed his way along the beach. And there was plenty of it with Erika, the uninhibited blond Swedish girl, and Nancy, the corn-fed Kansas tourist who was out for a ball and Al filled the bill. There were others, a harem of bikini-clad dolls with eager eyes and aching arms, and life was never better. But that was just the beginning, for when word got around that Al was a descendant of the great lover, Casanova, the ball became an orgy that led all the way up to the shocking parties of the Countess of Delphi, parties where Al had to prove he was an…
Insatiable Lover


The Seduction Game

Midwood 33-882 1967

Excited by the same man, mother and daughter played a dangerous game — and only one could survive.


Sin Now, Pay Later

Midwood 32-867 1967

Lusting for money and power they used sex — any kind of sex — to claw their way to the top.


Open House

Midwood 32-464 1965

How could she warn her teenage daughter without exposing the sordid truth of her own relationship with their virile young boarder?


One Step More

Midwood F261 1963 thumbnail
Midwood F261  1963 thumbnail
Midwood F261 1963
Midwood F261  1963

Step by step he bought her closer to being a complete woman, until there was only — One Step More

From the back:

Can a man’s love free a Lesbian from the desire she has for the flesh of other women? 

This is the story of the strangest pact ever made between a man and a woman. She was a confirmed Lesbian and he knew it; nevertheless they agreed to have him do everything within his power to change her, to prove to her that a man could give her everything a woman could — and more. How he faced this ultimate challenge to his masculinity, and how she reacted, is a fascinating story.

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Finders Keepers (Original Title: Ladder Of Flesh)

Midwood 32-484 1965

She was a play-toy for a strange breed of older, wealthy women… women who knew her weakness and how to exploit it.

We have two different covers for this novel under the original title Ladder Of Flesh. This cover art was later used for The Bitter Flesh.


Women A-Z

Macfadden Books 60-160 1964

Want to be adult about adultery and big about bigamy? A footloose Frenchman tells you how.


All Woman

Beacon B365 1960

Which Would He Do, Beat Her Or Love Her — Or Both?
She had the kind of body no man could pass up — not even Frank Fillmore to whom she was a punching bag, a toy, a helpless beauty to be beaten and brutalized…

Cover art was posed for by Bettie Page


Wife Lender

Beacon B718X 1964

She was beautiful, desirable… she was up for loan if the price was right. The lender was her husband!
A shocking novel that reveals the spreading practice of wife-lending


The Way With Women

Saber Books #SA-76, 1964

She had everything men would want, but she also had a way of making them suffer before they could possess her…


Co-Ed With Class / Out For Kicks

1966 - Midwood Books - 34-709

Two Exciting Stories About Young Women & The School Days They Would Never Forget


Satan’s Harvest (1957)

Fabian Z-102 1957

When Lupe saw Ramon in the doorway, she knew she’d been sold into sin to the highest bidder.


The Weekend Group

Beacon Books The Weekend Group S95153 thumbnail
Beacon Books S95153 thumbnail
Beacon Books The Weekend Group S95153
Beacon Books S95153

They switched and swapped till they were dizzy with thrills! New partners all the time—such marvelous sexy fun. Or was it?

This artwork was originally used for Dial “M” For Man before being altered.

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