Kozy K100 1960

Kozy K100 is a rare short story anthology by Charles Miron. It looks like the editors at Kozy Books could never decide what to call this book. The spine, back cover and page 5 inside call it SEXTORIES. The front cover, title page and copyright page (page 4) call it BLUEPRINT 6:06 – UNCHAINED – SPIDER IN THE NIGHT. There are seven stories inside, one a novella called “Unchained” in parentheses. Another is “Spiders in the Night” and, most curiously of all, one is “Blueprint 6:09”


Sin Camp

Nightstand Books NB1701 - Sin Camp (1964)

Where sadism and lust ruled men’s lives!
A G.I. Sucker Town — Hungry Women — And An Army Camp Of Lusty Men!

Not related to the Mountain Sin Camp


The Sex Ladder

Bellem sleaze Sex Ladder thumbnail
Bellem sleaze Sex Ladder back thumbnail
Bellem sleaze Sex Ladder
Bellem sleaze Sex Ladder back

Jane Figured It As The Only Way To The Top. She Forgot It Also Led To The Bottom!
The Naked Truth About Those Fun-And-Games Among The Young Unmarrieds


Pages Of Sin

1962 Nightstand Book #NB-1589 thumbnail
1962 Nightstand Book #NB1589 thumbnail
1962 Nightstand Book #NB-1589
1962 Nightstand Book #NB1589

Her Life Story Was Written As She Lived It — In Shame!

From the back:

SINFUL DIANA was her name, and she wasn’t goddess of the hunt. She was a publisher of forbidden books, books no self-respecting individual would touch, let alone read. But there were many customers for her wares, and with the demand for her sinful product came the demand for conscienceless writers to join her sin-infested stable. That was where Joe came in, Joe who had met Diana in a bar and that same night experienced the warmth of her lips and arms. Joe who wanted to be a writer, and as Diana worked it, even a writer of lust—for it meant both money and a life of passion if Joe took advantage of her offer. So he sold himself and his talent and slipped into the gutter beside her to produce an orgy of—
Lust In Print!

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The Poisoned Pussy (The Lady from L.U.S.T. #9)

Tower Books 45-212 1969

Sock It To Me, Says Eve Drum… Which  Is What They’re All Dying To Try — And Die Trying


Lust Sniper


A Madman On The Loose In A City Of Wantons!

From the back:

lay naked in a thousand twisting canyons of the Hollywood hills, where in a thousand little nooks a pleasure-seeking blonde could stretch her sin-touched body out naked in the sense-tingling warmth of the sun. It could be any girl, nude and relaxed, and then suddenly would come the sharp crack of a rifle and the splat of a high-powered slug. A terrifying sound. But the naked girl wouldn’t know about if. By that time she would be dead, a neat round hole where her stomach sloped, and a great big cavern behind her where the dum-dum emerged. And somewhere in the hills a madman laughed and looked for his next—


Loves of a Girl Wrestler

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Beacon B357 1960 thumbnail
Beacon B357 1960

A Terror in the Ring…A Tigress in the Boudoir!

Mauled… Manhandled… Exhibited Before Lusting Eyes… This Lovely Creature Fought Depravity and Disgrace At The Hands Of Bone-Crushing Men and Passionate Amazons

Can a professional fighting-girl experience genuine tenderness, love? Or does she become brutalized, morally impoverished, sapped of all womanly decency by the sordid exhibitions in which she takes part?

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Beacon B684F

Until you read this lusty novel, you’ll never know what a real woman is…

This entire book can be downloaded here


Motel Wives

1963 Beacon B605F

Lili Disrobed Slowly Before The Open Window… Watching… Waiting…
A Daring New Novel That Reveals The Merry-Go-Round Of Sex At America’s Seething Highway Hideaways!


Woman Hunt

Beacon B197 1958

He Had Taken His Fill Of Cynthia — Now He Lusted For Sherry!

Is this a George Gross cover?