The Suckers

The Suckers by James Fullilove Vega Book V-24 (1962)

Leelia had come to ask Dr. Tritt for an abortion, but before she could tell him her troubles, his renewed proposal of marriage gave her a better out…


Affair With Lucy

Midwood Book No. 10 (1959)

Her Husband Found Her Cold — But I Didn’t!
A Story Of Illicit Love — With No Details Spared!

Orrie Hitt’s first book for Midwood. Later retitled Married Mistress



Chariot Book CB-213 1962

She Hungers For Love, Thirsts For Sex, And Men Crave Her Wild Body

“Well, What Are You Waiting For? Do I have To Undress You Too?”

Twincover with Bedroom Stripper


Bedroom Stripper


Her Profession Was Sex… Her Specialty Was Any Perversion A Man Could Pay For


The Love Trap (Lancer)

Lancer Domino 72-695 1963

One Apartment… Four Girls… and Dozens of Men!
They used every lure in the book for bait

“Love Trap” was a very popular title throughout the years


Registered Nympho

Companion Book 524 1967

Her Ethics Gave Way To Her Urges

A 1967 reprint of Nurse Carolyn, with minor changes, by Cornith/Greenleaf’s Companion series, with Robert Silverberg’s pen name changed from Loren Beauchamp to Don Elliott.


Nurse Carolyn (1960)

Midwood F292 1960

She was just what the doctor ordered, but more than the patient could take.

This is the second edition. First edition is here.


Nurse Carolyn

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She Was Not Only Good For Her Patients… She Was Good To Them

An Intimate Peek Into The Extra-Curricular Duties Of a Very Private Nurse!

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The Love Trap (1963)

Beacon Books B673 - Hilary Hilton - The Love Trap

Suburbia had three sexes… male, female… and Susan
A daring novel of today’s young marrieds fighting a problem as old as Eve!

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The Make-Out Men

Viceroy Book Paperback VP 249

A startling analysis of the bizarre sexuality of the men dedicated solely to erotic pleasure!