The Queer Frenzy


Love-Starved, Willing Women Lusted Shamelessly For His Masculinity To Satisfy Their Carnal Desires… In Vain!!


Talk Of The Town (1964)

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Talk of the Town - Joan Ellis - 1964 thumbnail
Talk of the Town - Joan Ellis - 1964

Sharon found out how simple it was to become the most popular girl in town.

Unrelated to this 1958 book of the same name.

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Paula Has A Price!

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Ecstasy Novels #2 thumbnail
Paula has a Price, paperback cover, 1949
Ecstasy Novels #2

Just His Touch Could Set Her Blood on Fire…
Profusely Illustrated

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The Sex Kitten And The Scientist

BEACON B690X 1963

She knew the fastest way to get ahead in suburban society
Rita was welcome in every boardroom and bedroom of the home office


White Cap Lesbian

Brandon House 723 1965

Jackie Tried To Be A Cool, Efficient Nurse — But She Couldn’t Control Her Lust!


Reluctant Gay Girl

Brandon House 716 1964

She was a beautiful showgirl who needed money fast and was willing to accept woman-love in order to get it!


The Gay Way

Brandon House 727 1965

The story of a young singer who offered herself to a woman in return for a chance at stardom!


Strange Desire

Brandon House 743 1965

She Was Determined To Do Anything, No Matter How Sinister, To Ease Her Desires.


The Lavender Runway

Brandon House 969 1966

She Was Caught In A Torrid Backstage Triangle — A Slave To The Demands Of A Matinee Idol — And A Dominating Lesbian!