Seduction By Appointment


A Shocking Story About The Phony Adultery Racket
Sandi was the bait that men never quite get — until that eventful night in a bathtub-for-two


Station-Wagon Wives

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The Intimate Story Of Ruth Gordon, Whose Reckless Body Made A Sin Resort Out Of A Fashionable Country Club!


Congo Song (1958)


Alone In A Society Of Men In The African Congo, Olga LeBlanc Occupied Herself With Her Lovers, Her Gorilla And Her Own Good Looks

From the back:

This powerful story of jungle love throbs with the dark lusts of the African Congo—where a bored and tempestuous white woman has nothing to do but toy with the available men: A sadistic wild animal trainer, a tormented painter and her own husband’s fiercely jealous assistant. Yet reckless, French-bred Olga LeBlanc remains a woman unfulfilled—until the arrival of a virile young American brings into her lush tropical world a man capable of mastering her deepest desires.


Sin On The Continent

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EUROPA BOOKS 1102 1st Edition - 1963
EUROPA BOOKS 1102 1st Edition - 1963 Open

A blunder of indiscretion turned the life of Tom Slater into a temporary diversion for bored wives of traveling businessmen.

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The Queer Frenzy


Love-Starved, Willing Women Lusted Shamelessly For His Masculinity To Satisfy Their Carnal Desires… In Vain!!


Talk Of The Town (1964)

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Talk of the Town - Joan Ellis - 1964

Sharon found out how simple it was to become the most popular girl in town.

Unrelated to this 1958 book of the same name.

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Love Me Wild

Brandon House 945 1965

Her Cool Manner And Easy Grace Disguised A Smoldering Body That Burned For Love!


Paula Has A Price!

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Paula has a Price, paperback cover, 1949
Ecstasy Novels #2

Just His Touch Could Set Her Blood on Fire…
Profusely Illustrated

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The Sex Kitten And The Scientist

BEACON B690X 1963

She knew the fastest way to get ahead in suburban society
Rita was welcome in every boardroom and bedroom of the home office