Case Of The Deadly Tease

For Men Only Magazine cover by Charles Copeland September 1963 thumbnail
For Men Only Magazine September 1963 thumbnail
For Men Only September 1963 thumbnail
For Men Only Magazine cover by Charles Copeland September 1963
For Men Only Magazine September 1963
For Men Only September 1963

Also featuring Tijuana: Anything-Goes Vice Mill

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Escape Convoy That Traveled Through Hell

For Men Only Magazine July 1960

He Led An Epic Survival Trek Across 300 Miles Of Cannibal Country

Also, The Yank Holdout On Guerrilla Girl Island and The Butcher Who Sent 2,000,000 To Their Graves


Mademoiselle Jardine And America’s 17 Decoyed Airmen

For Men Only March 1960

She Was The Bait In A Mountain Hideout

Also, Escaping Legionnaire From Penal Fort No-Return


The O.S.S. — Dance Hall Nymph Mission

FOR MEN ONLY December 1962

Also featuring “Death March” Charlie Esslin’s Exotic Amazons Of Bataan, FBI Showdown For Pretty Boy Floyd’s Union Station Slaughter, Paris Alley Girls Who Plagued A Nazi Command, and Toughest Damn Fighter In The U.S. Marine Corps


Lt. Dawson And A Seven-Girl Platoon Reporting, Sir!

For Men Only January 1960

One Week After Crashing In The Desert, He Was Running The Weirdest Spy Post Of World War II


Death Trek of Sgt. “Shotgun” Schultz

For Men Only Feb 1959 thumbnail
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For Men Only Feb 1959

World War II’s 2500-Mile Escape Across The Roof Of The World

Also featuring I Went Through The Gestapo’s Fräulein Torture. This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Yank Who Ran Paris’ Playgirl Sabotage Ring

For Men Only September 1960

His Platoon Of French Models Hijacked A Top Missile Scientist From Under The Gestapo’s Nose

Also featuring Man-Hungry Queen In The White Doctor’s Jungle Paradise 


Lone-Yank Who Survived Africa’s “Weird Rite” Wilderness

For Men Only September 1966

Also featuring “Table Stakes” Redhead, Lumber Camp Nympho, Fast-Buck Traitors Who Sell To Our Enemies, and Ten Best Draftee Deals In The Armed Forces


The Glider Yank Who Led The Amazon Women Of Montenegro

For Men Only February 1963 thumbnail
for-men-only-february-1963 thumbnail
For Men Only February 1963

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Yank Trek to the Amazon Tribe of Taboo Maidens

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I Traveled Through Cairo’s Sex Market

For Men Only February 1956

Whatever floats your boat, I guess…


Two-Month Island Women Furlough Of AWOL Sgt. O’Neil

For Men Only February 1960

He Marched Out Of New Guinea At The Head Of A Weird Army