The Yank Pilot Who Lived With Indochina’s Amazon Women

For Men Only March 1959

He Was Hostage Of The Orient’s Fabulous Female Brigade

Also featuring They Sent A B-Girl To Booby Trap D-Day


The 13 Nurses In Lt. Duffy’s Care

For Men Only June 1960

Also, Penal King John Graham And His Outback Women Hideout and East Berlin Spy House Of The Communists’ Blackmail Blonde


Blonde Bait For Major Boyce’s Railroad-Busting Commandos

For Men Only January 1962


Lt. Welty And His Castaway Nurse Convoy

For Men Only April 1962


Texan King Of Africa’s Exotic Woman Village

For Men Only August 1962

Also featuring Gang Doll Pick-Up, “Experiment Girl” Barracks Of Compound No.8, The Impossible 60-Day Survival, and Lt. Wood’s Cut-Off Patrol That Ambushed A Panzer Division


Sgt. Lattimer’s Combat Safari With The Sarong Girls Of Malaya

For Men Only April 1963

Also, Col. Thury’s Kill An Air Force P-51 Raid, Bawdy-House Hideout For The Allies’ Secret U-Boat Wreckers, and Striptease Fräulein Who Led The Rudolph Hess Escape Try


Great “Top-Of-The-World” Raid Of America’s Arctic Commandos

For Men Only December 1965


4,000-Mile Escape Of Blockade Runner Mike Hopkins

For Men Only January 1966


50-Day Atlantic Ordeal Of The Sloop Diana

For Men Only March 1966


Double Agent Blonde

For Men Only May 1966

Her Hot Body Was The Cold War’s Deadliest Weapon