The Secret Of Marracot Deep

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Fantastic - July 1957
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Hell’s Creatures Come Out Of The Sea

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A “Sand Witch”

Happy Mag Issue #1 September 1927

Unique issue has not been documented in any pulp reference book or price guide as of 2019


Summer Widow

Beacon B394 (PBO, 1961)

When hubby was away, this wife liked to play…
What Did The Beach Boys Have That Her Husband Didn’t? Maggie Meant To Find Out—And Did!

From the back:

Time On Her Hands—Men On Her Mind
Their marriage was ideal. Night after night of blissful live proved it; or so she thought. Then pretty Maggie Kelly found herself tucked away at a summer resort, while her husband remained city-bound—with his exotic, green-eyed secretary.
When word arrived that hubby and green eyes were cozily settled, Maggie went wild. She followed the example of her companion, teen-aged Dorothy Taylor, until then known as the easiest conquest on the beach. Maggie became even easier. Thus did she revenge herself on her husband—and at the same time, like Dorothy, learn what handsome beach bums had to offer.
But Dorothy, in a jealous fit, tipped off Maggie’s husband. He abandoned his cozy secretary and jet-footed it beachward to reclaim his man-hungry wife. What followed was ironical and bitter. To prove she wanted him back, Maggie had to unveil her charms for a leering neighbor…
When Couples Separate, Anything Can Happen. Here Is A Biting Account Of The Temptations Besetting Husbands And Wives On The Loose!


The Sex Bums

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Beacon Softcover Library B880X 1965
Beacon Books B880X, 1965

Bold and different—a merciless novel exposing love practices among loose-living artists!

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Girl On The Beach

Beacon Books B346 1960

From Out Of The Sea She Came To Him, Naked And Unashamed…
A scorching novel of the love-them-paint-them art world — of anxious-to-undress girls who knock down studio doors — of Lissa, whose body kindled fiery desires!

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Sun, Sex, And Frenzy

Beacon Books B555Fn 1962

Fort Lauderdale, U.S.A: Here Is The True, Shocking Story Of Those Annual Student Vacations Which Offer Sun… Sand… And Sex!

From the back:

Carol and Walt Mahon came to Fort Lauderdale on business—or so they thought! They learned—too late—that this torrid town can tear any marriage apart—with raw temptation! Nobody could teach these kids anything—and nobody could stop them from their own wild brand of love-making!
CAROL MAHON—Blond, long-limbed and restless in her marriage. “Be nice to my customers,” her husband had pleaded. How could she tell him that the right stranger’s touch made her lose all control?
WALT MAHON —Once a football immortal, he was a challenge to every loose girl sprawled on the beach. Two lewd blond co-eds lured him to a nightmare awakening!
HARRY IVES —Sportsman and playboy, he knew the world and all its kinds of women. His yacht became a floating bedroom for any girl who dared to come aboard!
DONALD IVES—In jail or in bed—at 18—he was obsessed with proving that he was a better man than his millionaire father:
BARBARA DOWNS—A steaming co-ed on a wild fun-and-frolic binge. College was hundreds of miles away but she’d let any man teach her the facts of love. She challenged all comers—father or son!

This entire book can be downloaded here