Broadway Broads

Sundown Reader SR612, 1966

Fierce Passions Shook The World Of The — Broadway Broads


Swap Around The Clock

Adult Book AB1518 1970

It Was Half-Past The Honeymoon. Orgy Time!

From the back:

It took Lori a while to get over her scruples, but when she discovered what other husbands than her own had to offer, she came to hope that the swap game could do half as much to broaden her husband’s sexual outlook as it had for hers. The other wives found Ted a bit disappointing too . . . and decided that they preferred sharing Lori for lust!


Nude In Orbit

Nightstand Book NB1883 1968

Gene Cross Rockets To Rendezvous With A — Nude In Orbit

From the back:

Reporter Gene Cross had done some pretty weird things in the course of tracking down stories, but retrieving a bullet from a shapely nude corpse floating in space seemed a bit bizarre, even for him…


The Demon Dyke

Candid Reader 934 1968 thumbnail
Candid Reader #CA934 1968 thumbnail
Candid Reader 934 1968
Candid Reader #CA934 1968

Their Lust Was Tinged With Treason!

From the back:

Pam was utterly frigid, as far as Max was concerned, but he couldn’t understand why… until he found her in the arms of his aunt.

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Senator Swish

Companion Books CB553 - Senator Swish (1968) thumbnail
Companion Books CB553 (1968) thumbnail
Companion Books CB553 - Senator Swish (1968)
Companion Books CB553 (1968)

He Won The Gay Vote By A Sinslide!

From the back:

Van was almost a senator when Jeff seduced him. The memory of lust was a shameful nightmare—and then blackmail threatened his career… and his manhood.