Talk of the Town (1958)


The whole town was the jury, and every time she walked down the street she was on trial

I love how the motel key she is holding makes her look even more scandalous.


Lie Down, Killer


The first time she double-crossed him it broke his heart. The next time it was murder


Three Harbours


Smuggling, heroism, adventure and love in the days of the American Revolution


Lover, Let Me Live!

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The killer sold his soul for this sultry blonde and a private room in hell

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Model’s Daughter


An affair with America’s sexiesst model was enough for most men — but Harker wanted the model’s daughter, too!


Johnny Come Deadly

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He knew it could be a hot town. Gambling, B-girls, dope. But no man could know about Connie…

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Strange Bargain

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The suspenseful story of a woman’s terrible choice between the two men who claimed her!

From the back jacket:

TWO MEN AND ONE WOMAN — in a stark tale of love and hate:

THE HUSBAND, who faced death, yet thought only of a plan to destroy his rival.

THE WIFE, who could save her husband only by bargaining with a man who had but one desire–a woman.

THE LOVER, who knew love only as a wild, fierce hunger too long denied him.

On a barren, windswept mountain, these three are caught in a timeless drama that must end in shattering violence.

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