The Dark Chase (Original Title: Nightfall)


100 Savage Hours Of A Man On The Run

She does not look happy.


Hill Man

Pyramid 112 1954

The earth story of a Kentucky mountaineer and a city woman


The Wild Ones (Original Title: Dark Bridwell)

Pyramid G 57 1952 thumbnail
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Pyramid G 57 1952

A Powerful Novel Of Untamed Emotions

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Farm Girl (Original Title: Rush to the Sun)

Pyramid Book #37 1952 thumbnail
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Pyramid Book #37 1952

In the city — they would have called her a juvenile delinquent

In the city they’d call her Jailbait

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Hospital Doctor (Original Title: The Hippocratic Oath)

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Pyramid Giant #G67, 1952 thumbnail
Pyramid Giant #G67, 1952

A revealing novel of Nurses, Doctors, Strange Operations

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