Stolen Woman (1961)


What Happens To A Woman When She Is Abducted By Lust-Crazed Men Who Mean To Subject Her To Every Indecency Their Warped And Twisted Minds Can Devise?

I have a feeling we are about to find out. From the back:

COPPERY hair — lush and comely body — gay, provocative mannerisms . . . these were Anne’s attractions. Yet she could not deliver the high-potential passion promised by her creamy curves. Charlie Donaldson, her husband, in desperation turned to the warm embraces of a cute waitress. Her name was Francy, and she could do more for him in a minute than Anne could do in a night . . .
Meanwhile, a pair of mill-hands — inflamed by liquor and a black-haired cocotte called Marjorie —launched a plot of their own. One sin led to another, until they cornered beautiful Anne and dragged her off to a shack in the hills.
There they had their sport with Anne. They subjected her to every brutality, every indignity, drunken beasts could inflict on a woman. At last Charlie arrived to rescue his wife, was forced to witness the proceedings. He saw that she was worse than Francy, worse even than the degenerate Marjorie. For Anne’s eyes were alight with fiery lust. She welcomed these cruel, humiliating embraces. She was learning the meaning of passion, and liking it . . . !


One Of Those Cruises

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The passenger list read; Miriam—, Jessie—, Helen—, Lily—, Nanette… And every one of them was throwing their pretty, papered body at Mike Maddock!

About The Well-Heeled Women Who Go To Sea For Thrills, And The Sordid Men Who Supply Them — For A Price!

This entire book can be downloaded here

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Shameless (Original Title: The Root Of His Evil)

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The Most Terrible Exposure Of The White Slave Traffic Ever Written

For a book called Shameless, she is doing a pretty good job of covering her shame.

Cover was reused for The Road To Buenos Ayres and Het zilveren Spinneweb (Silver Spiderweb)

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Cult-Priest’s Daughter

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Beacon Books B496F, 1962

She Didn’t Know Her Father’s Secret Sins — Was It Too Late To Escape Him?
A book to buy — about a girl ensnared by the passion cult in which her father was high priest!
A novel to remember — about society’s battle to stamp out forbidden sex rites!

This cover was reworked from the original lesbian version

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The Golden Slave


A thundering novel of conquest and vengeance in the barbaric days of the First Century B.C.

This entire book can be downloaded here

From the back:

100 B.C.

The Cimbrian hordes galloped across the dawn of history and clashed in screaming battle against the mighty Roman legions.

Led by their chief, Boierik, and his son, Eodan, the hungry and homeless pagan tribes hurled back the Romans time after time in their desperate search for land. But for all the burning towns, the new· caught women weeping, the wine drunk, the gold lifted, the Cimbri did not find a home.

And now it was over. At Vercellae the Roman armies shattered them completely. Only a few survived-and for them death would have been more merciful.

Eodan, the proud young chieftain, had been caught and sold into slavery, his infant son murdered and his beautiful wife, Hwicca, taken as a concubine. But whips and slave chains could not break the spirit of this fiery pagan giant who fought, seduced and connived his way to a perilous freedom to rescue the woman he loved.