The Wilder Scene

Brandon House 1073 1967

Peggy knew her way among the secret places on both sides of the Street Of Love — what she did not know was herself.


Divorce Bait (1965)

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Brandon House 952 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House 952 1965

The dissipated Hollywood star used sex blackmail to win his top roles

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Silent Outrage

Brandon House 942 1965

No Woman Was Safe From The Unnatural Lusts Of The Maniac Who Lived In Their Midst — And Waited For Night To Strike


A Man Called Sex / The Virgin Swappers

Brandon House 930 thumbnail
Brandon House 930 1965 thumbnail
Casino 122 1977 thumbnail
Brandon House 930
Brandon House 930 1965
Casino 122 1977

He Had An Appeal To Frustrated Wives And Passionate Girls Because He Was — A Man Called Sex

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The Reluctant Tease

Brandon House 739 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House 739 thumbnail
Brandon House 739 1965
Brandon House 739

She seemed to be everything a man could desire, but the passions which burned within her lush body could only be satisfied by another woman!

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The Gay Partners

Brandon House 908 1964

Linda was ashamed of being gay, while Kathy was proud of it. In a desperate attempt to be a normal woman again, Linda ran back — first to her husband — then to any man who might be able to quench her unnatural desires. But she found to her horror that she could be satisfied only by the gay partners!


The Gay Nurses

Brandon House 913 1966 thumbnail
Brandon House #913, 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House #913, 1965 Back thumbnail
Brandon House 913 1966
Brandon House #913, 1965
Brandon House #913, 1965 Back

Their white caps and starched uniforms concealed smoldering bodies that ached for forbidden love!

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The Lavender Girls

Lavender Girls Brandon House 907 1964

Under the neon lights gay car-hops search the faces of their customers for new love mates!


Executive Lesbian / The Elevator Girl

1965 Brandon House #733 thumbnail
Brandon House 733 1965 thumbnail
CASINO BOOKS 120 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House #733
Brandon House 733 1965

She burned for the forbidden touches of other women’s bodies, for their tender caresses, for the soaring delights of the gay world — and as madam of the top call-girl ring, she took her pick of the very choicest dolls!

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Two Way Beach Girl

Brandon House 949, 1965 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House 949 thumbnail
Brandon House 949, 1965
1965 Brandon House 949

A passion-mad woman lusting for sex conquests weaves a web of sensuous seduction

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The Pleasure Studio

1966  Brandon House #972 thumbnail
Brandon House 972 1966 thumbnail
1966  Brandon House #972
Brandon House 972 1966

She Came Out Of Nowhere To Pose In The Nude — Then Turned His Studio Into A Passion Pit

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The Pleasure Salesman

1965 Brandon House #742 thumbnail
Brandon House 742 1965 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House #742
Brandon House 742 1965

He offered his services to love-starved young girls.

Because if there is one demographic known both for having money and for not having any opportunities for pleasure, it is young girls.

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The Passion Hunters

1966 Brandon House 961 thumbnail
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Brandon House 961 1966 thumbnail
1966 Brandon House 961
33250774-The Passion Hunters - illus Fred Fixler
Brandon House 961 1966

Marriage Was Only A Loose Word For The Sex-Mad Couples Who Yearned For Wilder Thrills!

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