The Sheer Affair

Chariot Books 222 1962

Lusty — Shocking — Sizzling
Marilyn was naked. She was young, long stemmed and voluptuous. Marilyn also had a strange taste for the 3rd sex!


Whip of Desire

Midwood F224 1962 thumbnail
1962 Midwood F-224 thumbnail
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Midwood F224 1962
1962 Midwood F-224

Eve had breath-taking beauty — what it took to satisfy her was also breath-taking.

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Gay Girl

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Midwood #F218 1962 thumbnail
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Midwood #F218 1962

Eve was so beautiful and open to love — but she chose to seek satisfaction inside her own sex.

From the back:

What Can A Woman Give A Woman That A Man Can’t?
Eve had been married, but her marriage bed left something to be desired. Then she met Phyllis who introduced her to the joys of Lesbianism. Eve thought she had found the ultimate happiness; she had never known such pleasure with a man. But then came Doug who showed her that he could give her every-thing that Phyllis could—and one thing more.
Most Lesbians can be rescued—all it takes is an understanding man. This story tells how one such girl was brought back to a sane sex life.

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Nightmare (1963)

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He knew the money was hot — and so were the women who wanted it. One of them didn’t care if he had to burn to get it for her — but which one?

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Shadow of Fu Manchu

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The deadly Doctor plots to control the most powerful weapon ever known!

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Anything To Win

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She Was Shapely, Seductive, And Shameless, And She’s Do Anything To Win

“You’ve got to see that I win… and if you do…” She whispered this promise to every judge, for she knew beauty contests were won behind closed doors.


Backstairs (1963 Edition)

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32633713-L._K._Scott's_novel,_Backstairs,_Pyramid_Books,_1963. thumbnail

A Society Woman’s Strange Cravings

An earlier edition of this same book can be seen here.