Puta (Original Title: Born To Be Bad)

Midwood 165, 1962

Rita wanted to be good, but when she was bad she was better.
Her mother was a Spanish prostitute — a “puta’, her father unknown. How could she be anything more that what she was?

This novel by Lawrence Block was previously published as Born To Be Bad in 1959, and was later published again under that title in 1967


Gay Girl

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Midwood #F218 1962

Eve was so beautiful and open to love — but she chose to seek satisfaction inside her own sex.

From the back:

What Can A Woman Give A Woman That A Man Can’t?
Eve had been married, but her marriage bed left something to be desired. Then she met Phyllis who introduced her to the joys of Lesbianism. Eve thought she had found the ultimate happiness; she had never known such pleasure with a man. But then came Doug who showed her that he could give her every-thing that Phyllis could—and one thing more.
Most Lesbians can be rescued—all it takes is an understanding man. This story tells how one such girl was brought back to a sane sex life.

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