Ransom! Issue #1 January 1933 thumbnail
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Ransom! Issue #1 January 1933
Ransom! Issue #1 January 1933 Back

The only issue of Ransom! ever published was this rare ashcan which did not generate enough interest to merit a full run. The back cover refers to this as a “Sample Copy”


The City Of Lust Of Red China’s Butcher General


Also featuring Million $$ Orgy Of The Texas Cattle Queens!, A Touch Of Venus, Aphrodisiac Scandal of the Sex-Mad Interns and the 63 Passionate Student Nurses, and Inside Madame Diamant’s Diamond-Studded Brothel


Blue Fury

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Adventure April 1948

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Major Sacrifice

Short Stories v166n02 (1939-01-25)

The Major — Of All Things! — Undertakes to Travel Up and Down Africa Looking For A Missing Husband