The Day A Madman Was Release From Prison!

Man's Life December 1969

Purge Of Blood, Death And Rape Across Texas!

Also featuring Happiness Is: Sex With My Best Friend’s Wife, Miracle Escape From The Commie Killers Of Cambodia!, Malibu Beach: Where Topless Love Kittens Run Amuck!, and I Was Captain Of The Mafia’s Ship Of Vice!


The Rebel Girls Whose Lust Lost Fort Pickens

Man's Life January 1962


Sin Service For Sex Starved Wives

Man's Life June 1967

Also featuring Why Not Help Yourself To The Lost Treasure Of The Crusades?Sex Secrets To Make Any Man A Great Lover!, and Free Love Nights: Mao Tse Tung’s Method For Controlling The Red Guard


Trapped In The Web Of Creeping Death


This looks suspiciously like the Lizards From Hell cover…


The Mystery French Street Girl Who Dishonored Herself To Save A Yank Division

Man's Life November 1962


Campgrounds Where Vice And Passion Run Rampant!

MANS LIFE March 1967 10-9

Also, A Legal Sex Show — South Of The Border!, Are You Planning On A Heart Attack, and The Screaming Killers Who Are Preparing For World War III

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Slaves To The Pirates Of Borneo

Man's Life February 1967 thumbnail
MANS LIFE February 1967 10-8 thumbnail
Man's Life February 1967
MANS LIFE February 1967 10-8

Also, Sex Adventures Outside Of Marriage, We Found The Treasure Of Idenburg!, and I Was Buried Alive Under 500 Tons Of Sand

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Incident At Benghasi

MANS LIFE May 1966 10

One man and six women behind the German lines in North Africa

Also, Wife-Swapping: The Modern Way To Happiness!, The Viet-Cong Commander’s Private Camp Of Pain!, Smuggle Her To Freedom!, and I Found The Treasure Of Hadramut!

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The Island Treasure Of The Double-Crossing Blonde!

MANS LIFE January 1967 10-7

$27,000,000 In Ancient Minted Gold

Also, Why Mate-Exchange Is Becoming More Popular!, My Escape From The Red Assassins Of Warsaw!, and Rent A Vice Girl By The Month!

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Trapped In The House Of Nazi Dagger Girls

Man's Life April 1960

Also featuring National Scandal: Men For Hire For Love And Money!


P.O.W. Bustout Artist Who Took On Japan’s Bitches Of Camp Ashio 6

Man's Life August 1965

Also, Spanking — Case Histories Of “A Nation-Wide Sex Substitute”


Desperate Escape From The Girl Slave Ship Horror

Man's Life July 1960 thumbnail
Man's Life, July 1960 (1) thumbnail
Man's Life, July 1960 (2) thumbnail
Man's Life, July 1960 (3) thumbnail
Man's Life July 1960
Man's Life, July 1960 (1)
Man's Life, July 1960 (2)
Man's Life, July 1960 (3)

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The Commie Nude Who Plotted To Blow Up Saigon’s Oil Pipeline

Man's Life May 1970

Also featuring 12 Signals A Woman Gives To Indicate Her Secret Cravings, The Sure-Fire System To Triple Your Take, and God, Help Me — I’m Being Eaten Alive!


Evil As The Tiger’s Eye

Man's Life January 1955

Also featuring Adultery Means Murder! and Hitler’s Hidden Treasure


The Nude Prostitutes Who Destroyed The Nazi Command!

Man's Life August 1967

Also featuring Scientists Report On Sex Experiments: How You Are Involved!, Stag Movies Personalized Just For You!, The Love Lives Of Carnival Freaks, and Are We Importing New Diseases From Space?