Crushed by 30 Feet of Writhing Hell

Man's Life November 1959

Also featuring Bashful Brides Have Ruined The American Male


The River Of Crawling Death

Man's Life July 1958

Also featuring Why Foreign Girls Make Better Wives And Lovers, The First Gunman With An Iron Fist, and Miami Beach: The Paradise For Love-Starved Vacationists


The “Madder-Than-Hell” American Who Led The Escape From The Bloodlust Orgy At Kwamina

MANS LIFE September 1962 6-5 thumbnail
Man's Life September 1962 thumbnail
MANS LIFE September 1962 6-5
Man's Life September 1962


Staked For Slaughter

November 1960 Man's Life

Also, Bloody Vengeance of the 24 Hour Lady Sherif 


Blasted To Hell On A Mercy Ship

Man's Life July 1959

Also featuring Desert Resorts Where Sun-Kissed Sin Runs Wild, The Deadly Beasts and the Shrieking Corpse, and Job-Holding Men Don’t Satisfy Their Wives


Housewives Who like To Entertain In The Nude

Man's Life June 1968

Also, Part-Time Sex Help To Anyone Who Asks, Hopelessly Trapped 40 Fathoms Below The Cold Atlantic! and I Want To See The Color Of His Blood!


Savage-Bait on the Isle of No Return

Man's Life September 1960 thumbnail
Man's Life September 1960 thumbnail
Man's Life September 1960
Man's Life September 1960

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Capt. Jane Tyler: The Rebel Girl Who Stopped The Yanks

Man's Life (August, 1959)

Also featuring Just South Of The Border: The Land Of Wild And Wanton Women On The Loose, Eaten Alive In A Cave Of Gold, and The Gambling Madam And Her Strange House of Chance


Air Gunner Charlie Flood’s Lusty Kiss-And-Kill Guerilla Girl Escape Chain

Man's Life January 1963

Also, Secrets Of A Psychiatrist: 10 Ways You Can Spot A Phony Make-Out Artist In Just 10 Minutes and The Sensational Park Avenue Call-Boy House That Shook Up New York’s Society Dolls


The Saga Of The Incredible Defenders Of Wolmi-Do

Man's Life (Dec., 1959). Cover by Wil Hulsey

There really was a battle on the island of Wolmi-Do, but somehow I doubt it looked like this.

Also featuring Smog City: Where Starlets and Career Girls Run Wild, When Jealous Men Go Kill-Crazy, Belle Santee and her Unique Bordello On Wheels, and Why Women Despise The American Male — Because They Ask For It!