I Live By The Khama Sutra: Practical Sex Advice From An Oriental Harem

Man's Prime May 1965

Also featuring The Personal Love Life Of A Prostitute, Ravished By The Nazis, and Death By Magic


More Sex Means Better Health

Man's Prime November 1965

Also featuring Wild Orgies In The Kremlin, The Nymphomaniac Loved Her Poisons, and Easy Way To Add Pins To Your Score


Pain For Sale

Man's Prime January 1965

Also featuring Sex Swap For Brand New Kicks!, Blood-Bath In Vietnam, and The Prossies Of Joy Street


Wife Swapping Is Sweeping The Country

Man's Prime September 1964


How I Keep My Treasure Chest In Shape

MANS PRIME February 1966 3-15

Also, Sex Games Of The Nudists, Why Good Girls Become Prostitutes!, and The Hill Of Dead GI’s

via the Jordan Evans collection